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LAST UPDATE 12/26/2004....
Splinter and
the first new mini-album, called "Reflections".
Trettioåriga Kriget
a Stockholm prog band formed in 1970 with a special release.
Richard Pinhas
and "Tranzitio" a guitarist and electronics innovator.
Visual Cliff a new
name in progressive hard rock and their first release.
Trettioåriga Kriget
a Stockholm prog band formed in 1970 with a new release.
The Amber Light
new album coming out soon released by Quixote Music.
Ange "En Concert" 
was the most famous french band of the seventies.
Viuda Negra the
first in the history of Progressive Metal in Ecuador.
Final Conflict and
their fourth album entitled "Hindsight".
Yes "The Ultimate Yes"
35th Anniversary from the prog giant from all times.
Eyestrings from 
Mathew Kennedy, formerly of prog band Discipline.
Sean Faust progressive
rock with influences along lines of Pink Floyd and Rush.
Ozric Tentacles
"Spirals In Hyperspace" 9 tracks over 60 min of music.
Pravda and "The
Echoing Sounds" they create a bold new prog sound.
Campo di Marte
"Concerto Zero" including a live record from 1972.
Cryptic Vision
has been compared to Yes, Kansas and Spock's Beard.
Panzerpappa "Farlig
Vandring" instrumental, jazzy, fusion, progressive and Rio.
Daedalus creating
something new and original in the actual prog scene.
Steve Morse just
recently completed recording his new album.
Threshold and "Critical
Energy" will be released also as limited edition 3 disc set.
Volatile Blue and
"Find Your Way" Prog and alternative rock.
Proto Kaw featuring
former Kansas Kerry Livgren the CD is now finished.
Vitalij Kuprij's new
Masterpiece "Forward and Beyond" Limited edition.
Magenta and "Seven"
the album is officially released on 1st March.
Christian Rivel´s and
"Audiovision" is the new solo album project.
Metaphor "Entertaining
Thanatos", creative and strong musicality.
Djam Karet performance came east to light up at the 2001 NEARfest stage. Tr3nity is pleased to
announce their second CD titled "Precious Seconds".
Wuthering Heights
amazing and vibrant symphonic progressive metal.
Guapo and "Five Suns"
compared to such artists as Magma and King Crimson.
Magnitude Nine and
the last CD "Decoding The Soul" is now avaliable.
Upright they are from
the region of Montreal with a realese titled "Opinion".
Tony Banks and
"Seven: A Suite for Orchestra", long-awaited album.
Avalon Rising a
vibrant collection of progressive Celtic songs.
Comma and "Free As
God" an amazing Progressive Rock Metal band.
Forgotten Suns
and their amazing second album titled "Snooze".
Sylvan and the official
release of their fourth album "X-Rayed", in March 29th.
Eccentric Orbit's first
CD titled "Attack of the Martians" is now available.
Anyones Daughter
"Wrong" a great German prog band from all times.
Anthelion and "XX
Century" where the hard rock meets prog metal.
Big Big Train and
"Gathering Speed" Order Directly from the Band.
Nailed and Rain Irving
a blend of bruising prog, metal and melody.
Phideaux "Ghost Story"
this album is an update on the classic 70's rock format.
New Trolls brand new
sampler of band´s singles from 1967 to 1985.
Neronia ex-"Ulysses"
finished the recording of their new album "Nerotica".
Sleepy Hollow and
"Goin' Over" the centerpiece is the 20 minute epic.
Alkemy and "Da 63
Projekt" the first CD from French progressive rock group.
Pär Lindh "Dreamsongs
From Middle Earth" for all progrock and Tolkien lovers.
Liquid Scarlet a new
progressive rock made by five young musicians.
Elegant Simplicity,
finally the new album "Anhedonia" is out now.
After Forever's new
album titled "Invisible Circles" including 12 tracks.
Il Castello di Atlante
one of the very first new Prog Rock bands of Italy.
Karnataka will release
their stunning new live album "Strange Behaviour".
Pilgrim a magnificent
excursion into the traditional old school of Prog Rock.
Karda Estra and
"Viovode Dracula" a fine history into a prog style.
Minimun Vital new
studio album “Atlas” is a brand new masterpiece.
Khallice and "The
Journey" a new promising prog metal from Brazil.
Glass Hammer and
the new  CD "Shadowlands", is a real modern Prog Rock.
Empty Tremor, "The
Alien Inside", very prog with power rock influences.
Evergrey "The Inner
Circle" will be release as a regular and special edition.
Ayreon "The Human
Equation" will be available soon in three editions.
LikeWendy -Homeland
a amazing new addition to all prog rock collections.
Chaneton "The First
Lights of the Century" a new Neo-Prog release.
Altaria and "Divinity"
a melodic metal in the same line of the Nightwish.
Thalion they are young
guys playing like a masters of the progressive metal.
Scott Mosher "Inferno"
heavy prog rock in a dynamic atmosphere.
Metamorfosi - Paradiso
a long -awaited italian progressive masterpiece.
Arcansiel and
"Swimming In The Sand" the best of Arcansiel 1988-2004.
Cast and "Nimbus"
once again reveals an ambitious prog music inspiration.
ClearLand "Gift from
time " a famous melodic rock band in Bulgaria.
Ken's Novel and
"Domain of Oblivision" a prog metal oriented.
Osanna's CD+DVD is
packaged in a nice deluxe cardboard digipack cover.
Mirage and "Tales" this
french band’s name is inspired by Camel music.
Kalo and "Spiral Dream"
was released from InterMusic & Musea in April, 2004.
Balkan Horses Band
and "Contact Part Two" was released May 29, 2004.
The Red Masque will
release their new album, on July 9, 2004.
Torman Maxt three
brothers playing a impressive progressive metal rock.
Lucifer Was and the
album "Blues from Hellah" a Norweigan prog legend.
Xandria and
"Ravenheart" melodic metal with touchs of prog rock.
ELP "The Ultimate
Collection" including special CD live at Anaheim.
Menayeri "Futura
Historia" after four years since the first release with new lineup.
Solar Project "Force
Majeure" prog  and ecological meditations.
Synergy "Metropolitan
Suite" comes from 1987 and is Larry's take on New York.
Fairport Convention
"Over The Next Hill" new studio CD released June 2004.
Orphaned Land
"Beginning of New Story" a journey around the world.
Lizard "Psychopuls"
Progressive Metal from Poland, new release soon.
Zen Rock & Roll The 
Birthright Circle the spirit of the British sympho rock.
Conspiracy blends the
best of old school Scorpions and the Metallica.
Spellgate a fantastic
journey around styles as Melodic Prog and Metal.
Steve Hackett captures
the last night of Steve's 2004 European Tour.
Millenium "Deja Vu",
from Poland, including 8 songs, like Pink Floyd style.
Frogg Cafe an
incredible sounding remaster of the self-titled first work.
Dream Tone five young
guys  playing a  Progressive Metal in a high style.
Picchio dal Pozzo
brand new album, historic italian prog musician.
Taproban "Outside
Nowhere", the second album from this italian band.
NoCode an amazing
Dutch band revelation, a new name in Prog Rock.
Rush, Canadian power
band is back with a new release titled "Feedback".
Seventh Season a
father and son playing in a Russian Prog  Rock band.
Hour Glass 
"Subconscious" one foot in the classic prog style like Rush and Yes.
Kingu a prog rock with
lyrics and melodies that address the past and future.
IZZ and "Ampersand"
features tracks recorded before, during the I Move.
Saens and "Prophet In
A statistical World" inspired by famous  stories.
Strawbs and The Hero
And Heroine line-up in the studio for a brand new album.
Pineapple Thief the
new album is nearing completion.
Sub-level 03 and a
diverse mix of dark and heavy Progressive Rock.
Vagh devoted band to
hard rock and metal in line of a band as  Deep Purple.
Mind Key Journey of a
rough diamond a Prog Metal that sounds really great.
Threshold, "Subsurface"
available in both standard and limited edition.
Land of Chocolate
"Regaining the Feel" the new release is now available.
Flying Circus and
"Pomp" has arrived! A great German Prog Rock Band.
Nicola Randone
and "Ricordo" with a long suite more than 20 min.
Anti Depressive
Delivery blending classic prog rock with aggression.
Bill Bruford "If Summer
Had Its Ghosts" and to record 11 original compositions.
Gordon Giltrap
acclaimed as one of the most revered guitarists.
Anubis Spire
fantastic guitar-heavy post prog/ world fusion band.
Djam Karet 2 CD Set
with 24 Page booklet of this musician Photo History.
White Willow and
Storm Season, one of the most significant prog groups.
Asia "Silent Nation" new
studio album avaliable at the end of August, 2004.
Acuity "Skyward" with
influences around Genesis, Rush, ELP and VDGG.
Dream Theater's "Live
At Budokan" will be released on October 5th.
Z The Void hearing
definite influences from King Crimson and Pink Floyd.
Le Orme and "L'infinito"
the brand new studio album is finally available.
Nektar’s classic prog rock
album from 1972 has been digitally Remastered.
Alan Parsons and "A
Valid Path" a journey into the world of electronica.
Dead Soul Tribe with
poetic lyrics, suspenseful and dramatic music.
Red Sand "Mirror of
Insanity" a realease for all progressive rock fans.
Vladimir Badirov
the greeting from Nostradamus will release their first CD.
Tangerine Dream
live- Release will be exclusive to the TDI-web-shop.
Cross and "Playgrounds"
finally was finished and was released on August 30.
Klaatu and Magentalane
limited quanties of this classic disc are available.
Jordan Rudess
"Rhythm Of Time" first copies include bonus video.
Guy Manning "A 
Matter of Life and Death" is in fact a concept album.
Hideous Sun 
Demons, debut album released by Magna Carta Records.
Atlantida the brazilian
band released its first CD called "Painted Reality".
VoxTempus are proud
to announce their debut album "In the Eye of Time".
David Sweet, the
Anubis Spire keyboardist has released his first album.
Godon and "Armagodon"
a progressive rock band inspired since a long time by Rush.
The Tangent second
album is scheduled for release in October 2004.
LaMaschera di Cera
an Italian Prog Rock band in a great alive CD release.
Splinter "Devill´s Jigsaw"
a collections of songs from their "Reflections" period.
Olyam's forthcoming
album "Tales and Fairies" is already in pre-order.
Satellite "Evening
Games," will be released at the end of 2004.
Embryo instrumental
fusion In the beginnings of the German prog scene.
Jethro Tull and "Live
At The Isle Of Wight 1970", a special release.
Ricocher are working
hard and they are very proud on their new CD  "Chains".
between Aviv Geffen and the musician Steven Wilson.
Time And Tide a Prog
Rock through ten years of recording and performing.
Derek Sherinian
with a new release called "Mythology".
Ornah Mental and
"Testimony" a new german progressive rock name.
Tumulus "Winter Wood"
a debut album of the russian Art Folk Prog Metal band.
Gentle Giant a
retrospective box set on the English Prog rock group.
Nemo and "Prélude à
la ruine" a neoprogressive very close to Pendragon.
Archetype, "Dawning"
te band is happy to finally see promoted and released.
Zello and "First Chapter,
Second Verse" Originally released in 1996.
Retroheads the
Norwegian progressive rock band will be releasing its first CD.
Magma after 20 years
has finally deigned to the return to the master work style.
Neal Morse new studio
release, a conceptual, prog rock CD entitled, One.
Edenbridge and
"Shine", also available in a limited digipack version.
Just Offshore a
instrumental adventure with nice musical emotions.
Azoth and "The Awkward
Age's End" an amazing Japan Progressive Rock Band.
Finisterre a brand new
studio album produced by Franz Di Cioccio.
Helmet of Gnats
instrumental Progressive rock band with a new release.
Der Spyra recorded live
in the Little Garden of Sounds, Kassel, Germany.
Lightspeed a prog rock
group into a style of bands like "Yes" and "Genesis".
The Watch an Italian
prog rock band is back with a new release  "The Vacuum".
Dynamic Lights and
"Shape" the energy of metal with the depth of prog rock.
Jozef Skrzek "Wojna
Swiatow - Live” recorded live in Lucerna Hall, 1981.
Farpointand "From
Dreaming to Dreaming", an amazing Prog Rock band.
Nektar after years have
recorded an album of new material, called "Evolution".
Akinetón Retard
alive tour 2004 double CD, will be release in december 04.
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