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LAST UPDATE 12/26/2005....
Longshot and a new
release is coming soon in the spring of 2005.
Spock's Beard's 8th
studio album "Octane" is now available for pre-order.
Arena new work, the
most powerful and varied album in the band’s history.
Fallen Isis playing a
nice Hard/ melodic rock sound with many other style's.
Pete Bardens Mirage -
Live Dec. 1994 now re-released as a 4 disc set.
Flight09 a hard prog
rock band from Uzbekistan return with a new release.
Frameshift and "An
Absence of Empathy" takes you into an amazing history.
Brad Love and "Colours
Masterpiece", somewhat prog rock and melodic rock.
Hatfield & the North
a limited copies personally signed by four musicians.
PFMand "Piazza del
Campo", Live in Siena, special CD + DVD edition.
Ephemeral Sun
merging elements of prog, metal, fusion and electronic.
Chiave di Volta from
Jazz to prog rock, to post rock, art rock and  more.
Tony Spada "The
Human Element" will be available worldwide January 05.
Francesco Fareri, it
includes 8 tracks in the progressive/ shred style.
Wishbone Ash and
"Illuminations", re-mastered and set for USA release.
Echo Us an ambitious
prog rock with synthetic textures of electronic ways.
Brunorock AOR/Melodic
Rock Rock from Italy original 1994 re-editited.
Drum Nation Vol. 2
continues the tradition with great evolutions drumers.
Hidria Spacefolk and
their sonic performance attack at Nearfest 2004.
Terry Sullivan's
eagerly debut solo album "South Of Winter".
Steve Hackett now
taking Pre-orders for new classical album 'Meta- morpheus'.
Index "Identidade"
is the new release from this great Brazilian Prog Band.
Nil the fourth release of
one of the most unconventional french prog rock band.
Aries is a new supergroup
led by Fabio Zuffanti with a fantastic female vocalist.
Flaming Bess an
amazing German band is back with a new release.
James LaBrie new
solo album by the Dream Theater vocalist.
Machiavel and the new
album called "2005" was released by "Bangmusic".
Evergrey and "A Night
To Remember" release of their new Live CD.
Russell Allen´s Atomic
Soul first solo album by the Symphony X vocalist.
Kino are John Mitchell,
Pete Trewavas, John Beck and Chris Maitland.
Umphrey's Mcgee
Anchor Drops one of the best bands from the US scene.
Epica and "Consign to
Oblivion" will be released on the 21st of April.
K2 featuring Ken Jaquess,
Shaun Guerin, Ryo Okumoto and Allan Holdsworth.
Magellan and "Sympho-
ny for a Misanthro- pe", one of very best in the world.
Without Ending a very
original interpretation of modern Prog Metal/Rock.
Lizard and "Tales From
The Artichoke Wood" a master prog metal from poland.
Icon is Wetton/ Downes
from ASIA, are coming back with a brand new  album.
Core9 was established in
2003 as the formation of a great hard rock band.
Timeline a new amazing
evolution in progressive rock with their first release.
Towersound a melodic
rock metal band with a release under Brennus Record.
Frogg Cafe and "The
Fortunate Observer of Time", new release soon.
Riverside and "Voices
In My Head" a limited edition, an amazing prog rock band.
Revelation Project
a concept CD is a walk through Biblical prophecy.
Mike Campese lead
guitarist is back with his 4th solo cd titled "The New".
New Grove Project
"Brill" one of the best Scandinavian prog rock music is back.
Robert Plant and the
"Strange Sensation" a new band and a new work.
Paul Ellis and "Silent
Conversations", release in May on the Groove label.
Van der Graaf
Generator and "Present" after the "classic" line-up.
O Terço "Alive 1976"
one of the best brasilian Progressive Rock Band.
Jens Haugan and
"Tales From Thule" songs recorded within a few hours.
Leaves' Eyes new CD,
a romantic journey into the realm of myths.
The Future Kings of
England Prog Rock with electronic textures.
Everybody Used To
Call Me Joe & Arise, first full length project.
Little King and "Virus
Divine" based on the story of an anonymous man.
Xsavior & Caleidoscope
created from the heart and call it their own creation.
Little Atlas and
Wanderlust seven prog songs clocking in at nearly an hour.
The Tangent and
"Pyramids and Stars" 80 min  captured live on multitrack.
Orpheo and "Echoes" a
Prog Rock Metal band with their amazing release.
Dimension X and "This
is Earth? Is the name of their new release CD.
Ajalon and "On the
Threshold of Eternity" is now available for pre-ordering.
Parallel Mind  and the
long-awaited debut album is now complete.
Man On Fire, "Habitat"
featuring Adrian Belew and David Ragsdale.
Hamadryad and "Safe
in Conformity" an amazing  prog rock  band is back.
Dream Theater's
"Octavarium" out on June 7th, the best in Prog Metal.
La Torre dell'
alchimista Live CD for this talented italian band.
Images Of Eden
"Sunlight Of The Spirit" a great progressive metal band.
Violeta de Outono
and "Ilhas" a new project from this brasilian prog band.
Baffo Banfi a 1978 solo
album reissue by Biglietto per L'Inferno keyboards player.
David Cross member
of King Crimson and a new CD "Closer than skin".
Precious Red, killer
guitars and honest vocals, solid example of great work.
Arti e Mestieri and the
long awaited new CD is finally available.
Akacia "The Brass Ser-
pent" a Prog epic about those who chose death in the desert.
Circus Maximus are
the new wave of Norwegian progressive metal style.
Biglietto per
l'Inferno extraordinary live recording from a 1974 concert.
Amon Düül II,  "Almost
Alive" reissue deluxe edition, remixed & remastered.
Thule and "Liquid" the
CD can only be ordered directly through the band.
Sonic Pulsar and "Out
of place" considered one of the best releases for 2005.
Shadow Gallery and
"Room V", the new album by this amazing American band.
Kraftwerk & Minimum -
Maximum the world tour live double CD and DVD.
Arilyn & "Virtual Reality"
the second release by this melodic prog rock band.
Poor Genetic
Material and "Free to Random", atmosperic Rock.
Pineapple Thief and
"Ten Stories Down" two versions will be available soon.
Madmen & Dreamers
a latest release rock opera "The Children Of Children".
Lars Eric Mattsson
and "War" a stunning prog metal rock opera.
Arjen Anthony
Lucassen and "Come Back To Me".
Thirteen of
Everything inspired instrumental quartet band  from Texas.
Willowglass debut
album is now available and can be ordered from the Shop.
Before Eden "The
Legacy of Gaia", a new brasilian progressive metal band.
Tarkus "A Gaze Between
the Past and the Future" with a bonus track.
Mike Portnoy and a
collection of finest work from his Magna Carta sessions.
Wobbler a Norwegian
sensation, influenced by symphonic  prog rock style.
Asia and "Aqua" a special
edition re- release with bonus tracks.
The Underground
Railroad and "The Origin of Consciousness" is out now.
Kaipa and a brand new
studio album inviting you to another amazing journey.
East of Eden & Graffito
the new material from the founder members of the band.
Myon album "Slideshow"
clear and deep sound a little similar to "Ayreon".
James Byrd's Atlantis
Rising & Crimes of Virtuosity, special bonus track version.
Tomas Bodin "I AM", a
true album, easily described as a "Rock Opera".
Randone and Hybla
brand new album by this talented prog rock group from Sicily.
C.C.F.M. very interesting
debut CD by the new italian Progressive Rock group.
Steve Howe and
"Spectrum" latest release from this great guitar player.
Delphian and "Oracle"
a Progressive rock from a superb band from Holland.
Aspire's debut album
"Quest Eternal" a new reference in prog metal rock style.
Echolyn, "As the world"
capturing some of the band's finest musical moments.
Aziola Cry and "Ellipsis"
an amazing instrumental Progressive Rock band.
Magic Pie and "Motions
of desire" new mastering and extended booklet.
Jukka Tolonen Band
and one of the world's most respected guitarists.
Il vortice and "Le cose
da evitare" a debut CD by the new prog rock italian band.
Hot Fur is the name of a
current Israeli Progressive rock and experimental band.
Nodo Gordiano &
"Alea" will be out in 09/2005 for Mellow Records.
Bruce Main "Layers" If
you like Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Genesis you will like this.
Glass Hammer
announces the limited edition double CD in Digipak.
Quidam and "Surrevival"
a new release from this  melodic Poland band.
Trettioariga Kriget &
"Hej på er"-the latest reissue from the band.
"Consumption" the second release by this amazing prog band.
Madame Claus a new
generation in Progressive Rock from Argentina.
Sleepwalker Sun is
an great Rio de Janeiro- based combo in the prog rock vein.
Germinale and the new
material from this talented italian progressive group.
Henning Pauly Of
Frameshift And Chain Releases 2nd Solo Album.
Pendragon and the
brand new studio album from this amazing neo Prog band.
The Soft Machine
Legacy Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall.
Tantra is back with a new
amazing release, more powerful and impressive.
Salem Hill - "Mimi's
Magic Moment" they are please to announce a 7th release.
Lord Of Mushrooms
make their debut on Lion Music with “7 Deadly Songs.
Steve Walsh and
"Shadowman" new solo CD, lead singer of the Kansas.
Elegant Simplicity
"Studies In Heartbreak", amazing and fantastic.
Sieges Even "The Art
Of Navigating By The Stars" and their comeback album.
Talisma has just released
their second amazing work entitled "Chromium".
Ring of Myth is a prog
rock band comprised of three unique talents.
Opeth finally return with
a renewed focus on their eighth studio release.
Cryptic Vision live
performance at the 2005 Rites of Spring Festival.
Peter Bardens "The
Answer" reissue of this classic early 70th album.
D'arcana and "As Worlds
They Rise and Fall" Prog Rock, Psychedelic, Space Folk.
Roger Water and "Ça
Ira", digiPack with 60 page,officially launched.
Arturo Stalteri solo
album by ex-Pierrot Lunaire keyboards wizard.
Guy Manning and
"One Small Step..." a new trip by this great musician.
Oliver Wakeman a
new journey from this great and  young musician.
Cryptic Vision and "In
A World", this is more symphonic in nature than the last.
Solar Scream a new
Hungarian progressive rock band and the new release.
Raminghi "Il lungo
cammino dei Raminghi + Live 1975 plus a rare live recording.
Spock's Beard Live in
'05, the new double album coming soon by Inside Out.
Conxious the new CD
"Never Before / Never Again" will soon be available.
Nektar a unreleased
tracks different versions from well know songs.
Stormy Six and
Macchina maccheronica 1980 album is now available again.
Echolyn and the long
awaited box set titled "A Little Nonsense And Then".
Nektar and the album
"Sounds Like This" released as a double CD.
Anekdoten & "Waking
the dead" a live CD for this unique prog band from Sweden.
Solstice Coil's debut
album the product of two years of an intense work.
Kurgan's Bane slightly
heavier and a little more "modern" in sound.
Carptree the progressive
rock sensation from Sweden is back with their third album.
Gazpacho 's latest CD
is a blend of nice, melodic, inventive  prog rock music.
Rick Ray Band
Featuring the amazing vocal chords of Chuck Abraham.
Pallas and the long wait
is almost over critically acclaimed new release.
Elfonia and "This Sonic
Landscape" a new revelation in progressive rock style.
The Flower Kings,
"Circus Brimstone" was released as an official bootleg.
PFM new studio album,
a soundtrack for a rock opera to be staged at italian.
Guru Guru "In The Guru
Lounge" new studio CD! Pressing with stylish Digipak.
Toto "Falling In Between",
a new release and their most personal album yet.
Riverside and "Second
Life Syndrome" released worldwide on Inside Out.
Phideaux new release
comming soon, a amazing melodic prog rock.
Tumulus & "Sredokresie"
is a folk prog metal with its original style and concept.
Atempo a new name in
progressive rock music is back again with the second CD.
Ubi Maior and "Nostos"
a brand new debut CD for this talented new italian band.
Conqueror and "Storie
fuori dal tempo" the second album by this great prog group.
Mangala Vallis ex-
PFM singer Bernardo Lanzetti and David Jackson from VDGG.
XII Alfonso and Claude
Monet, the new release from this famous french musician.
Neal Morse prepares
the New Prog Rock Epic, his artistic and spiritual journey.
Sonus Umbra "Digging
For Zeros" the new studio CD comming soon.
Roine Stolt the guitar
player from Kaipa and the double CD “Wall Street Voodoo”.
RPWL “Live – Start The
Fire”, After four studio albums the European tour release.
IZZ and "My River Flows"
a new journey from this great USA prog band.
Pursuit's music has been
compared to Kansas, Dream Theater and Queensryche.
Dream Machine are a
new exciting instrumental progressive space rock band.
Etherfysh "Stasis", a
conceptual journey through inner & outer space.
Nota Bene blends
Balletto, and Banco with a touch of Yes and Deep Purple.
Totalisti and "Slave To
None" a Hard Rock band from Enumclaw, Washington.
B.C. - "Map Of The
Muddled Mind" amazing and fantastic hard rock release.
Masquerade and "In
Disguise" an incredible Swedish band formed in 1988.
Niacin "Organik", John
Novello´s fantastic and great musical elements.
Tempest new album "The
Double-Cross", will be released by Magna Carta.
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