.......BEST RELEASES FROM 2005/2006
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LAST UPDATE 12/31/2006....
Sympozion and
"Kundabuffer" a new name in progressive rock from Israel.
OMNI is a 3 piece who
creates rythmic textures into a dynamic prog rock music.
Ghiribizzi and the new
release, an amazing Belgiun Prog Rock Band.
Dreamtone a new prog
metal band and  "Sojourn" is to be released in March 06.
Age Of Nemesis
amazing and great new Prog Rock -Metal band.
Shakary and the release
"Forgotten Promises", is on the starting blocks.
Devin Townsend &
Accelerated Evolution is available at InsideOut.
After The Fall is the
Prog Rock band formed in 1986 in Connecticut USA.
Jadis and Photoplay will
be available on the InsideOut Music very soon.
Royal Hunt classical-
meets- metal wall of melodic and majestic sound.
The Tangent "A Place
In The Queue", double album on a single CD.
Maschera di Cera
and LuxAde will be avaliabre in March by BTF.
Komaday is a Italian
Prog Metal band, creating a personal way to music.
Hubi Meisel and
"Kailash" Prog concept album about the Himalayas.
Proto-Kaw founded by
former Kansas Songwriter/ Guitarist Kerry Livgren.
Zenit and "Surrender" the
second album from this great Swiss prog rock band.
Symphonyx a new
release by this great Portugal Pregressive Rock band.
Gatto Marte and "Faust"
with an attitude close to jazz and a twist of folk music.
Soft Machine and
"Floating world live" a concert recording Jan, 29th 1975.
Flora and "Flora" a new
prog band from Piacenza debuting with warm moods.
Riccardo Zappa and
"Celestion" brand reissue in papersleeve CD edition.
Solaris "Archive 2", a
long-awaited second part, rare and unreleased songs.
Edera and the  brand new
second CD for this gifted new italian prog rock  band.
Yleclipse and "Opus"
third album for this amazing italian prog rock band.
Poor Genetic 
Material the new album will be released 20th march.
Sensitive To Light
and "Almost Human" are just finishing their first album.
Katatonia and The
"Great Cold Distance" hit the shops in two special versions.
Kingcrow "Timetropia",
a Rock Opera, a Prog Metal with Prog symphonic touches.
No Man & "All The Blue
Changes" -  2CDs in a deluxe digipak.
Phil Walton and his
solo´s debut album "Reason to live" is now available.
Exodus & The Most
Beautiful Dream - a anthology 1977-1985 - 5 CD box.
David Gilmour & "On
An Island", the third album, his first studio recording.
Apostolis Anthimos
and "Back To The North" a new special solo album.
Ars Nova - "Chrysalis /
Force For The Fourth" another great band from Japan.
Lacuna Coil  and
"Karmacode", the most anticipated releases of 06.
Scott Mosher, Deep
Horizon is a dynamic and ambitious musical journey.
Umphrey’s McGee
Studio album, Safety In Numbers, features 11 tracks.
North Star & "Extremes",
influences of EL&P's virtuosity and bursting Genesis.
French TV and "This Is
What We Do", new release from this USA prog band.
Longshot  Armageddon
a new album and a new journey of Michael Reese.
Abarax & "Crying Of The
Whales" is available now, a new way in Prog Rock.
The Flower Kings and
their new journey from this great Prog Rock band.
The Gathering &
"Home" a new CD, is planned to be released mid-April.
White is Alan White,
Geoff Downes and friends, White, will be released April 18, 2006.
Lucio Battisti special
box 21 CD, white deluxe box detailed book.
Claudio Fucci
"Synkretiko" the brand new album by italian songwriter.
ICON Wetton & Downes
a Acoustic TV Broadcast and the newest releases.
Transient and "The
Circle" Heavy, prog, dark, melodic, melancholic, haunting.
Sandstone & "Looking
for Myself" a new generation in progressive rock music.
Sylvan and Posthumous
Silence announces their return with  the new CD.
OSI and "Free" A special
edition double CD will be release by InsideOut.
Gentle Giant "Under
Construction" double CD, rare & unreleased material.
Hauteville blend of
progressive rock, AOR and hard rock on their new album.
Tangle Edge the new
studio album "Serpentary Quarters" release in June.
Exawatt and "Time
frames" great debut album for this italian prog-metal band.
Cannata and "Mysterium
Magnum" progressive rock and AOR Melodic Rock.
Diapasão & "Opus I",
instrumental progressive rock trio inspired by EL&P.
Second Sufis a guitar
and electric- stick duo, prog rock and ambient music.
Wishbone Ash and
"Clan Destiny" the long awaited new studio release.
Pictorial Wand and
"A Sleeper's Awakening", welcome Norwegian artist.
Scars Souls &
"Highbreed" is the third CD from this brasilian prog metal band.
Chaibaba and "Slow
Brewed" with ability to meld progressive rock with jazz.
Grobschnitt the inter-
national Story double CD Deluxe Edition of this great band.
Abiogenesi & "Io sono
il vampiro" a brand new CD from this great band.
Section A return with
their second album, the conceptual ‘Parallel Lives.
Graham Greene
"Leap Of Face" new CD from West Australian guitarist.
Lake and "The Blast Of
Silence" melodic german band & new  release 2006.
Kopecky and “Blood” will
be released worldwide on Unicorn Digital May2006.
Ezra and  "Songs From
Pennsylvania" out now, a melodic prog band.
Sphere Of Souls
"From The Ashes" is a great prog metal debut album.
Axamenta have some
Pain Of Salvation / Daniel Gildenlöw on vocals.
Blissed and "Corrosive"
the official Cd release date is may 2nd, 2006.
Stream Of Passion
"Live in the Real World" will be release on june 2006.
From Behind is a band
that plays blues based, hard rockin´, beer-drenched.
Thesseraand "Fooled
Eyes" a Prog Metal band releasing their first album.
Paatos an "Silence Of
Another Kind", finally the bands third album is ready.
La Tulipe Noire new
release, Greece is once again waking up to Prog rock.
Karcius & Kaleidoscope,
the second release from this Montreal Prog Band.
Saga and the new album
"Trust" in a lavish digipack including bonus DVD.
Derek Sherinian and
"Blood of the Snake" returns with his 5th solo.
Calomito and "Inaudito"
the style close to Gong, Area, Zappa, Doctor Nerve etc...
Grzegorz Kupczyk &
"Memories" the vocalist known from Turbo and Ceti.
Lizard and "Spam" a new
energect release from this Poland Prog Metal Band.
Gargamel an amazing
debut album from this Oslo-based Norwegian prog quintet.
Riverside & "Voices in
My head" special release in the InsideOut catalog.
Aardvark, "Tuntematon 
sotilas" new album by finnish prog band Aardvark.
Riccardo Zappa 2nd
album from 1978 available in deluxe edition.
Keith Emerson & "Off
The Shelf" a work with EL&P and Nice.
Blushing Well & their
new release from this hard and modern art rock band.
Tony Levin, 'Resonator' 
released by Narada Records in the U.S, is out now.
Spirits Burning 'Found
in nature' a USA psychedelic rock band.
Lucio Lazzaruolo the
solo album by the leader from Notturno Concertante.
Areknames its music is
an original mix of prog rock, psychedelic, hard rock.
Moongarden and "The 
Gates Of Omega", back this excellent italian prog band.
Elegant Simplicity a
new release comming soon, it´s their best album.
Imagin'aria  "Progetto
T.I.A. a new release from this amazing Italian prog band.
Prog Rock the most
comprehensive progressive rock album of the decade.
Albion and "Remake", 
best musical collection from this Poland Prog Band.
Nektar and "Pure Live
in Germany" with a Special Quad Digipack cover.
Frost and "Milliontown" is
the product of several of Prog Rock's top musicians.
Mask are ex Curved Air
vocalist Sonja Kristina and Mille Plateaux.
Gecko's Tear and
"Contradiction" is great new promising italian prog band.
John Wetton
"Agenda" alive album by the legendary vocalist.
Nektar and "Concerto
Live In Brazil" with a deluxe special pre-sale edition.
Nektar & "Book of Days"
featuring Derek Mo Moor, C. Rojas and Larry Fast.
SBB &  Skrzek, Anthimos 
& Wertico trio a new album for the new century.
Omni and "Mermaids" a
legend of electronic rock, returns after a long break.
Zen Carnival & 'Bardo',
they are back with their second album.
SBB and "Live In Spodek"
the ultimate release from this amazing prog rock band.
Viima an amazing and
fantastic Finland Prog Rock revelation from 2006.
Ankh and "Cachaça"
Live at Rio Art Rock Festival 1999 will be avaliable soon.
Venturia "The New
Kingdom" a new prog metal sensation from France.
Spaced Out, "Unstable 
Matter" their amazing fourth and latest studio work.
Steve Hackett, "Live
Archive 83" with Steve on guitar and John Hackett on flute.
Magenta and "Night and
Day" a EP with the collaboration from Annie Haslam.
Mind's Eye & "Waiting
for the Tide" with 2 bonus tracks from the band's archives.
Wicked Minds and
"Witchflower" a new brand band album plus DVD.
Karfagen and 
"Continium" welcome the new Ukrainian band into the prog scene.
Magenta and "Home"
a new trip from this fantastic melodic prog rock band.
Marillion and Fish,
"Return to Childhood" to celebrate the 20th anniversary.
Ozric Tentacles and
"The Floor's Too Far Away", will be out July 18th.
The Autumn Project
and "A Burning Light" is now available as a preorder.
Shakary "Shakary 2006"
will feature re-recorded and fully remixed tracks.
Xinema & Basic Commu-
nication, new release from this Sweden AOR-prog band.
Enrico Rosa (Campo Di
Marte) & Eva new release "The Incredible Journey".
Marco Ferrigno new
release, rich shred/ neo- classical instrumental.
Cactus  "V" an acclaimed
return with Carmine, TIm, Jim McCarty and Jimmy.
Nemesea, a female
fronted gothic/rock band founded by vocalist Manda & H.J.
Steve Hackett CD 'Wild
Orchids' will be release on the InsideOut Music.
Seventh Wonder new
album, nine tacks spanning a wide musical landscape.
"Introspective" a new release from this great Norway prog rock band.
Guy Manning and
"Anser's Tree" is the eighth CD from this great musician.
Salinoch & Behind the
Eye a new name in prog rock, the production by SHKRecords.
Soft Machine "Legacy"
recorded in London Sep, 4 & 5, 2005.
Scott McGill and "What
We Do" is now available for sale from Laser's Edge.
Banco del Mutuo
Soccorso this time around a very unusual collection.
Apostolis Anthimos
"Days We Can't Forget" a new trip from this great musician.
Hypnoise a italian rock
band mixing influences as avant-garde, blues and rock.
Maï-Ak Affair, french 
rock band sensation and their new amazing release.
Glyder a great hard rock
band for all fans from Blue Öyster Cult and Thin Lizzy.
Icon and "Icon II" the
second album "Rubicon" from Geoff and John Wetton.
Roksana and "Barwy
/Colours" a native Ukrainian playing great music.
Tomorrow's Eve -
Mirror Of Creation II: Genesis II, their new studio album.
Chimpan A, influences
include Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and Massive Attack.
Mostly Autumn "Heart
Full of Sky" the new CD, limited edition on sale.
Ty Tabor and "Rock
Garden", new solo album by King's X and Platypus guitarist.
Jozef Skrzek  "The
Petersburgian Tryptych",  in spceial digipack edition.
The D Project featuring
Tomas Bodin from the band The Flower Kings.
Prymary and their 2nd
release, a progressive rock metal band sensation.
Periferia del Mondo
and "Same" definitely their best work to date.
GPS and their debut
album, “Window to the Soul” will be released on August.
Cage9 and their new
release, vibrant rock metal full of amazing instrumental.
Lana Lane & "Gemini"
celebrates the winter season with a new covers release.
Rosa Ígnea & "Ancient
Eyes" a new revelation in melodic Progressive Metal.
Antonius Rex, "Switch
on dark" vision of a haunted castle lived in by witches.
Jens Haugan & "Last
Man Standing", solo album from Thule member.
Pravda and "Walking
Through Walls" is an all prog instrumental /Rock feast.
Fall Of Echoes and
debut album "Red Tree" is now officially released.
Arpia & "Terramare", a
inceredible italian prog rock band and their 2nd release.
Castello di Atlante &
"Concerto Acustico" the brand new album.
Karda Estra "The Age
Of Science And Enlightenment" is now avaliable.
Rocket Scientists &
"Revolution Road" modern Progressive Hard Rock.
Moonlight and "Integra-
ted In The System Of Guilt" will be issued on 27th Nov.
Nektar & "Book Of Days"
the brand new studio album, seven stunning new tracks.
GALF and "Spirals Of
Time" a new brazilian band, a revelation in Prog Rock.
Unoma & The Beginning
Of The End, a new prog rock, in style and quality.
Hypnos69, The Eclectic
Measure an underground, psyco rock-scene of today.
Prisma and "Collusion"
a new band revelation into the Prog rock metal genre.
Spin XXI & Contraponto
first release from brasilian progressive rock band.
Aspire "The Age Of
Reckoning" symphonic rock with pure Power Metal.
Anthropia & "The Ereyn 
Chronicles - Part 1", fantastic progressive metal release.
Noize Bone are a
powerful melodic vocals over a prog wall of guitars.
Zenobia & "Delayed" a
new great release from this german prog rock group.
P.F.M. Stati di immagina-
zione new studio album, a nice instrumental recording.
Ixion & "Talisman" their
2nd release Symphonic Prog Rock from the Dreamtime.
Symphony X and
"Paradise Lost" will be release early 07 by Inside Out Music.
Odd Logic & "Legends
Of Monta: Part I" an original progressive metal band.
Mangrove & "Coming
Back to Iive" an amazing and nice double live album.
Protos rare english
progressive rock album available for the first time on CD.
Taproban a concept
album inspired by the submarine abyss, such as a metaphor.
White Willow and
"Signal To Noise" moving towards a symp prog.
Phideaux & "The Great
Leap" dark Rock and mysterious with melodic singing.
Ter For Two and the
new album "twisted", will soon be released by Quixote Rec.
Il Bacio Della
Medusa and their second release coming soon.
Alias Eye &  "In Focus",
their new CD will be released by Quixote Records.
Deluge Grander first
album by this Baltimore progressive rock fusion group.
Kite, Sleeping in Thunder
powerful lyrics, captivating melodies and performance.
Tangerine Dream
"Paradiso" the Dante trilogy of La Divina Commedia.
Kenso new release album
made in Japan by fantastic prog rock musicians.
Tempus Fugit, "Tales
from Forgotten World" remastered version.
Spock's Beard's ninth
studio album is scheduled for release on Nov. 21, 2006.
Wild Turkey & "You &
Me In The Jungle" an amazing and superb new album.
Tarkus and "Tarkus ao
vivo" incredible and amazing brasilian prog rock band.
Bruce Main, "Elements"
music about global warming and climate change.
Hatfield & The North
"Hattitude" Archive Recordings 1973-75, Vol 2.
Yes & Essentially Yes
Special Edition; Box Set a variety prog music legends.
Alan Parsons 
Project a new  compilation released by Sony/BMG.
For Absent Friends
and "Square One" released by a Dutch neo-prog band.
Ataraxia, "Paris Spleen"
a gothic folk-prog rock album by this obscure cult band.
Visible Wind, "Alive
Beyond Time" in the unofficial live recordings section.
Annie Haslam and
"Woman Transcending", by Renaissance lead singer.
Yeti Rain & "Discarnate"
a dark ambient project darkly and beautiful soundscapes.
Dagmar, Art Rock style,
incredible, vibrant, deep and beautiful album.
Arti & Mestieri a new
live algum from this amazing italian prog band.
Advent, Symphonic prog
rock with an emphasis on intricate compositions.
SBB& Lost Tapes, Vol.2,
a Studio & Live Recordings 71/79 limited 1000 copies.
The Road, mixed 
acoustic harmonies, synthesized sounds and rhythms.
Ima Califato
Independiente release a new special edition CD to all prog collectors.
Ryan Parmenter's new
solo release is often zany, poppy, and lively.
Acheson "A Collection
Of Thoughts" a modern prog rock. Heavy and unfiltered.
Tinyfish and "Tinyfish"
was released, a new generation in Progressive Rock music.
Trespass and "Morning
Lights" they are a progressive rock trio from Israel.
Maze of Time & "Inside
the Maze" inspiration came from all over the early 70's.
High Wheel and "Live
Before The Storm" the new live double album.
Whitechapel plays an
amazing Progressive heavy-metal, but in an unusual way.
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