.......BEST RELEASES FROM 2006/2007
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LAST UPDATE 12/31/2007....
Pain Of Salvation &
"The Scarsick" in the stores late January 2007.
Knight Area "Under A
New Sign" will be somewhat heavier than their first CD.
Jordan Rudess &
"Rhythm of Time" solo rock CD featuring guest artists.
Neal Morse, "Sola
Scriptura", his 4th solo CD featuring an amazing line-up.
Planet 13 "Third From
The Right" vibrant and amazing Prog Rock Metal release.
Liberty n' Justice is
back with a new release titled "Independence Day".
Doracor and "Onirika"
their 6th and best album by this new italian prog band.
Apocalypse is back with
alive at Rock Rock Symphony For The Record 2005.
Kingcrow & "Timetropia"
a high energy Italian Prog Rock Metal band.
Vittorio Nocenzi and
"Movimenti", the solo CD Banco's keyboard player.
The Fifth Season
"Stronger Perfect", a new italian prog rock band.
Blackfield simply "II"
mixed by Steven Wilson in Tel Aviv and London.
Notabene "Sei lacrime
d'ambra" one of the new italian progressive revelations.
Puppet Show is
releasing their second album titled "The Tale Of Woe".
Sun Caged, "Artemisia"
virtually new line-up, yet a musical nod to the past.
Osada Vida a new prog
rock band drawing influences from a variety of sources.
Dave Martone, "When
The Aliens Come” a canadian guitar virtuoso.
Arktis "Last Arktis tapes"
the rare tracks from this german progressive rock band.
Magnum and "Princess
Alice and the Broken Arrow" including a bonus DVD.
Faveravola, "La contea
dei cento castagni" deep roots back late early 70s.
Nexus their third album
from one of the most important Argentina prog band.
Sylvan & "Presets", their
long awaited 6th prog rock album is being released.
Ainur "From Ancient
Times" is a very special progressive project with lots of guests.
Feedforward &
"Barefoot & Naked", a german Prog rock metal in a great style.
Anubis Spire and
"Children of a Foreign Faith" a Concept album, Rock opera.
Starcastle and "Song
of Times" with a more modern and prog rocking sound.
This Harmony and
"Leila Saida" a four piece based italian band.
Miro, "Real Life Games",
rare italian prog album, 2 former member from "Il Volo".
Francesco Fareri &
"Secrets Within" divided into two sections.
Invisigoth, Alcholocaust 
mix the anti- que an exotic prog metal with the Art Rock.
Thought Chamber &
"Angular Perceptions" by two member from Enchant.
Slavior & "Slavior", 
release from the drummer Mark Zonder, Fates Warning.
Pangea, "Invasori" a
reissue one of the most legendary italian prog cd.
Marco Gallesi, Riff the
bass player from original line-ups of "Arti & Mestieri".
Amaran's Plight &
"Voice in the Light" and their debut and epic release.
Vitalij Kuprij ‘Glacial
Inferno’ involved in some of the finest prog/  classical CDs.
Yugen "Labirinto
D'acqua", a instrumental music with roots in the RIO.
Clepsydra, "Second era
of Stonehenge" a new italian band formed back in 2002.
Alpha Terra & "Planet
in a day" a mixture of progressive rock with celtic-folk.
Moonlight Comedy
and "Dorothy", Prog/Power band formed in 98 in Italy.
Il Giardino Delle
Delizie, a fantastic new prog rock italian project.
Gazpacho and "Night"
clocking in a 53 minutes, their first true concept album.
Rhys Marsh & "Autumn
Ghost" they have a new progressive rock band.
Furio Chirico & "Father
to son", the first Arti & Mestieri's drummer.
Bryan Ferry, "Dylanes-
que", from his earliest recordings with his group Roxy Music.
Gravity Tree, releasing
a new album, called "Ultimate Backward".
Byron Nemeth & "The
Force Within" a great Instrumental album.
Umphrey's McGee &
"The Bottom Half" a brand new double disc studio CD.
Marillion and
"Somewhere Else", to be released through MVD Audio.
Dominici, "03 A Trilogy,
Part 2" unites metal and prog rock, former Dream Theater.
Campo di Marte ltd.
ed. red vinyl LP, self-titled album one of the best prog band.
Genesis and "Genesis
1976 - 1982 Box Set, the first five in the remastered series.
Progtronic "Evolve"
blending instrumental, prog and Electronic Rock.
Spirits Burning Space
Rock Collective, by Black Widow Records.
Le Orme & "Antologia
1970-80", Sixteen of their greatest hits  remastered.
Fonderia, "Re>>enter"
following after three years their self-titled debut CD.
Redemption and "The
Origins of Ruin" played by fine and famous musicians.
Amarok, "Sol de Media-
noche" is the seventh CD from this great Spanish band.
Everwood new studio
album of the great hungarian prog rock / metal act.
Karfagen & "The Space
Between Us" they are back with a new great album.
Delirium & "Vibrazioni
notturne" (live 2006)live album recorded in July 2006.
NewBreed & "Child Of
The Sun" a journey to very sunny place in your dreams.
Frogg Cafe, Double Live
CD "The Safenzee Diaries" with a historical music set.
Fromuz is a 5 piece 
amazing band that creates a high-energy Prog Rock.
Rush, "Snakes + Arrows" a
new release from this great canadian Progressive Rock Band.
Carptree and "Insekt" a
new chapter from this amazing sympho prog rock band.
Magic Pie & "Circus of
Life" a new trip from this amazing Prog Rock band.
Signal to noise ratio
and their new release titled "Stan nieustalony".
Goad "In the house of 
the dark shining dreams", amazing new album.
The Natural Mystic
Mother nature, the trees and the magic of seasons.
Osiris and "Visions From
The Past" the only Arabic Progressive rock band.
Wicked Minds, Live At
Burg Herzberg Festival 06 by Black Widow.
Shades Of Dawn
"From Dusk Till Down" with a strong symphonic components.
Mystery "Beneath the
Veil of Winter’s Face", they are back with a new album.
Sarcasme & "Mirage" &
their new work, a fantastic prog rock from French.
Dol Ammad the brand
new album entitled "Ocean Dynamics" is just released.
OMNI and "Solo Fue Un
Sueño" they are back to the world Prog Rock scene.
Threshold and "Dead
Reckoning" one of the amazing prog metal band.
L'Estate di San
Martino, an amazing group with a very long story.
The Watch & "Primitive"
the long -awaited fourth CD from this Italian band.
Wuthering Heights,
"The Shadow Cabinet" is a self collection of songs.
Jon Anderson
"Searching For the Songs", songs recorded in 1986.
Porcupine Tree, "Fear
Of A Blank Planet" including great epic length tracks.
Shadow Circus
Welcome To The Freakroom, new entry on  prog scene.
Amaran's Plight and
"Voice in the Light" DC Cooper, N. D'Virgilio and more.
Alex Skolnick Trio,
"Last Day in Paradise" jazz, prog and other styles.
Swampdawamp &
the self-Titled Blues -Rock Burner on Red Eye Distribution.
Fountain of Tears
"Fate", will be released on Tuesday, February 13, 2007.
Pilgrym a symphonic
epic EP, all tracks on the this EP are previously un-released.
Plasmabat "Twilight
Music" mostly gentle, guitar-based instrumental rock music.
Junk Farm "Ugly Little
Thing" great Prog Rock and Fusion band from Germany.
Arashk, "Abrahadabra"
a great Iranian band, blending Hard and Prog Rock Style.
Saga and "Wolds Apart
Revisited" a master release from this great AOR band.
Anekdoten "A Time Of
Day" fifth studio album, amazing and memorable prog band.
Clark Pauken
Ricketts, it´s very cool instrumental rock guitar.
Devin Townsend,
"Ziltoid The Omniscient" another InsideOut release.
Fear of Fours, Never
Heaven fusion of the '70 english prog with metal.
Qwaarn & "Aberrations"
their second album from Quebec’s prog rock band.
Man, "Diamonds & Coal"
having received a good reaction from the fans.
Dream Theater,
"Systematic Chaos" a new trip from this famous band.
Discordia and "Utopia
Perfection" progressive rock that focuses on vocal layers.
Daryl Stuermer, "Go"
aggressive, edgy, guitar centric compositions.
Spaced Out Live at the
Crescendo Festival recorded in France in 2006.
Caamora's EP "Walk On
Water" is a union of Clive Nolan and Agnieszka Swita.
Beardfish, "Sleeping In
Traffic: Part1" more than a new prog rock band.
Ibio and "El Regreso" a
Spanish prog rock band is back with a new release.
Band Of Rain, "Arts &
Allurements" a new trip from this great symphonic band.
Asia and "Fantasia: Live
In Tokyo" the new band live album pre-orders now.
Galahad, Empires Never
Last features special guests as Karl Groom & Clive Nolan.
Planet X & "Quantum"
stay tuned for more a great release by InsdeOut Music.
After the Tragedy,
"The Voyage of Reason" explosive hard rock.
Blivit, "The Beginning",
prog rock sounds like guitar, but this is a keyboard trio.
Dimension X
"Implication of a Genetic Defense" the long awaited new album.
Hamadryad & "Live in
France", first live CD from best selling Unicorn Artist.
Ken Hensley former
Uriah Heep & new CD "Blood On The Highway".
Fluttr Effect, "Marking
Time" playful instrumentation and insistent vocals.
Magenta, "The Singles"
every song that has made up the band’s four EP/singles.
The Rebel Wheel,
"Diagramma" is dark, dense and atmospheric prog rock.
Sinestesia, "Sinestesia"
debut CD for this new italian progressive rock band.
La Torre dell'
Alchimista will publish his 2nd album titled "Neo".
Flor de Loto, second
release titled as "Madre Tierra" prog rock band from Peru.
Danika and "Prima"
modern progressive rock played by this new Russian band.
Court Band, "Frost of
Watermelon" Prog-Art Rock, new CD available on BTF.
Cristal Music "Heroes
Of The Night" a new belgiun melodic prog metal band.
New Trolls "Concerto
Grosso New Trolls The Seven Season" first line up.
Age Of Nemesis and
"Terra Incognita" amazing Prog Metal band.
25 Yard Screamer, a
prog band  blending styles from Rush and Marillion.
Contrarian a rock band
with a strong dose of classic prog rock style and influences.
Alan Morse and "4
O'clock And Hysteria" a progressive rock master guitar player.
Doracor "Onirika" a new
fantastic trip from this great progressive rock band.
Kaipa and "Angling
Feelings" in the line of the old progressive rock music.
Corte Aulica, "Il
temporale e l'arcobaleno", style like Camel & Caravan.
Nightwish and "Dark
Passion Play" a double album found in CD, also in Vynil.
Conqueror, "74 giorni"
the third cd from a new italian prog band from Sicily.
Jordan Rudess & on
"The Road Home" a rock's premier keyboardist.
Twinspirits,step in
Daniele Liverani's career released on Lion Music.
Secret Saucer
"Second Sighting" a space rock ala Pink Floyd.
Karda Estra, their new
CD titled "The Last Of The Libertine" now available.
Epica and the official
cover from the next album "The Divine Conspiracy".
Xandria and Salome -
The Seventh Veil, their new way on an adventure trip.
Exodus and "Singles
Collection" an album with the best from this prog band.
Nexus & "Buenos Aires
Free Experience Volumen 2", a great prog band.
After Forever, "After
Forever", the top gothic metal bands in the world.
Kurt Rongey from prog
rock band The Underground Railroad and his CD.
Aziola Cry, "Ghost
Conversations EP", Chicago based prog rock trio.
Poor Genetic 
Material a collection of ambient, Neo and Prog.
Abigails Ghost
"Selling Insincerity" new band from Louisiana.
Colloquio "Si Muove e
Ride" there's something more than mere "music".
Sirenia is a new band,
with a good contribution to the gothic/metal/rock scene.
Violeta de Outono &
"Volume 7", compositions with psychedelic influences.
BLVD and "A View of the
Park" a modern Progressive Rock with 80s Overtones.
Povertys No Crime
blending  styles such as Hard Rock, Metal with Prog.
Abysmal Grief new
dark-prog masterpiece from Black Widow records.
Black Bonzo "Sound
Of The Apocalypse" they are the soldiers of Prog Rock.
Circa is a band formed by
veteran “Yes”, capturing various eras of prog Rock.
Fish and "Communion"
recorded live at St Mary's Church, Haddington.
Patrick Moraz and
Future Memories I & II a collection of great songs.
Circus Maximus, prog
enough for any fan of technical minded metal.
The Seventh
Season "Liquid Water", versatile Hard Rock band.
Phideaux, "Doomsday
Afternoon", orchestral and prog rock instruments.
No Restraints, In the
left Lane, euro Prog Music meets USA Prog Rock.
Refugee, "Live 1974",
live recording featuring ex-members of the Nice.
Tangerine Dream,
live CD with the Brandenburg Symphonic Orchestra.
Paganus & "Skogsrock"
a taste classic hard rock inspired by 70's  bands.
Yoke Shire, “The
Witching Hour” the final touches on a double studio album.
David Surkamp
"Dancing On The Edge Of A Teacup", new release.
Cannata and "Images
Of Forever" the best Classic rock, AOR melodic and prog rock.
Deadsoul Tribe, "A
Lullaby For The Devil" a new release by InsideOut Music.
Gentle Giant, "Santa
Monica Freeway" was recorded in January 1975.
Mermaid Kiss, "Etarlis"
symphonic and melodic progressive rock band.
Dream, "Pyre of Dreams" a great prog rock band.
Cast is back with a new
album titled "Com.Unión", a great progressive rock band.
Józef Skrzek, "Viator
1973-2007" the leader of prog rock trio SBB.
Anubis Gate
"Andromeda Unchained", Denmark’s Progressive Metal heroes.
Lindsey Boullt has
released his latest amazing CD entitled Composition.
Brad Love & "Soaring
Solo" the lead vocalist/ pianist for prog rock band Aviary.
Guy Manning new
album is being  produced for Autumn Release.
Arashk's 2nd album
release named "Sovereign" a new prog rock generation.
Richard Barbieri
debut solo album from Japan and Porcupine.
Hidria Spacefolk and
"Symetria", a new trip from this great prog band.
Big Big Train and The
Difference Machine a classic prog rock band.
Zip Tang and their
previews of Zip's debut album "Luminiferous Ether".
Universal Totem
Orchestra and "The Magus" is their 2nd album.
Lucifer Was, "The
Divine Tree", a special cd for friends of heavy 70's music.
Julien Carayon’s
"Lethal Alchemy" Rock, Metal and Prog Rock.
Shadow Gallery and
"Prime Cuts" one of the leaders of the prog metal.
PFM and "35 anni...e un
minuto", 3 CDs from the beginning to our days.
Peter Pan, "Days" a new
project and new hope of Polish progressive rock scene.
Accordo dei contrari
recorded in two days live in studio in June 2006.
Singularity, "Singularity
Of All The Mysteries" The New CD is now available.
Riverside & Rapid Eye
Movement, they have created an emotional musical trip.
Pentwater's long
awaited new CD 17 killer new tracks plus 10 page booklet.
Trettioariga Kriget
and their new album "I början och slutet" is now released.
State Of Enchant-
ment, "Rave" a new name on the progressive scene.
Jamie Robertson,
"Elevation" oriented prog melodic instrumental music.
Clay Withrow Band
latest CD, "Dissonance Rising" is now available.
Torman Maxt, "The
Problem of Pain: Part 1" is the first of a two album set.
RPWL, "9" a special CD
will be released in a limited edition of 999 CDs.
Little Atlas returns with
their brand new, full-length album release "Hollow".
Dogpound & "Glass Jar"
their critically and acclaimed new album by Lion Music.
Elegant Simplicity
their new trip titled "Too Many Goodbyes".
Dreamline and "Cryptic
Signals", heavy  music with beautiful melodies.
Saga, "10.000 Days" a
new journey from this great Canadian Progressive Rock Band.
KBB 4th Album "Proof of
Concept" will be released from Musea Records.
Metaphor and "The
Sparrow" great symphonic progressive rock style.
Jubala and "Welcome to
the Fall"  combining soulful prog rock and epic melodies.
Umphrey’s McGee,
"Live At The Murat" first official live double album release.
Oblivion Sun a great
new Progressive Rock and Fusion from a New Band.
Darkwater and "Calling
The Earth Yo Witness" amazing Prog Metal Band.
Glass Hammer and
"Culture of Ascent" will be released on October 23rd.
Moonlight Sky, a
Slovenia based prog rock group, and their new album.
Charles Brown,
"Journey In A New Land" heavy & progressive rock.
Espírito Santos & "Our
Father" in the hard rock style from 70' bands.
Ultra Violet Rays,
"Universal Heart", melodic and emotional Prog Rock.
Azureth, the Promethean
Syndrome, alternative rock, prog rock metal and fusion.
Jon Anderson, very
special "3 Ships" is back and better than ever.
Procession, "Esplorare"
a band with first pages of the book on Italian prog.
Palace Terrace is a
prog and neoclassical rock band with a modern edge.
Arilyn and "Alter Ego" a
new trip from this german AOR melodic prog band.
Carlton Walker, "Avery
A Rock Opera" a mix of "The Who" with "Genesis".
Nave, Segredos do Chão
brazilian progressive rock in the style of the "Yes".
Satellite revealed the
cover from their forthcoming album "Into The Night".
Magni Animi Viri,
"Heroes Temporis" a new prog rock-opera.
Tony Spada & Holding
Pattern new album titled "Breaking The Silence".
IZZ and Live at NEARfest,
their first live album from this USA Progressive Rock Band.
Sieges Even, a new
release to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music.
Lana Lane, "Red Planet
Boulevard" the new studio album is coming in Dec.
Genesis, "Live Over
Europe 2007" the result of a great 2007 European tour.
Angel Of Eden "The
end of Never" a superb production and artwork.
Chris Squire’s "Swiss
Choir" a unique classic baroque Xmas carols.
The Mars Volta, "The
Bedlam in Goliath" will be released january 2008.
P:O:B have just released
their new album in Norway called "Crossing Over".
Flamborough Head
"Live In Budapest", first live cd recorded in 2007.
Prime Mover, Finnish
prog band has just released their latest album.
Rocket Scientists
"Looking Backward" Box set of 4 full CDs + 1 DVD.
Robert Plant & Alison
Krauss and their new album "Raising Sand".
Point Of View & their
debut album  "Disillusioned" it will be available soon.
Blue Sky Theory
intricate guitars, busy drums, and plenty of keyboards.
Pineapple Thief new
album with a 30 min. title track, "What We Have Sown".
The Flower Kings
the studio to make their 10th amazing studio album.
Cathedral "The Bridge"
a critically and acclaimed Prog Band from the 70's.
L' Estate di San
Martino, "Febo", a melodic italian Prog rock band.
Fiaba after many years
the band decide to give a sequel to their old suite.
Ritual, "The Hemulic
Voluntary Band" and their fourth studio album on InsideOut.
Galleon, "Engine Of
Creation" the most driven cd yet heard of from band.
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