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LAST UPDATE 12/31/2008....
Coda, Sounds of Passion
The Album and The Demos, 21st Anniversary Edition.
Ayreon, "01011001" epic
rock opera by the great musician Arjen A. Lucassen.
Gato Marte, "Sogni di
Bimba" the 7th album, an imaginative music.
Quidan, Alone Together
a new trip from this great Poland Prog Band.
Moongarden is back
with a new prog rock album "Songs from the Lighthouse".
Mike Oldfield "Music
Of The Spheres" will be released in spring 2008.
How and Lightning,
"Numinous" a alternative progressive rock group.
ARZ and "Solomon's Key"
Progressive Rock featuring virtuosic guitar & druming.
Dark The Suns is a
melodic progressive rock metal band from Jyväskylä.
7for4 "Diffusion" they use
best elements from most different styles.
Combination Head,
Progress? is a stunig new album in prog-rock terms.
Khymera "The Greatest
Wonder" featuring Steve Walsh and Daniele Liverani.
Dug Pinnick, "Strum
Sum Up" his latest solo album on Magna Carta.
Jon Anderson & "Live
From La La Land" the Yes frontman captured live.
Morgan Ågren. their
debut work Trends And Other Diseases, CD & DVD.
Ainur, "Children of Hurin",
is an italian band focused on Tolkien's works.
Work Of Art and "Art
Work" another great Swedish melodic prog rock band.
Steve Cochrane "With
Or Without" guitar songs tinged with prog/art.
Steve Negus, solo
project "Dare to Dream" coming in the very near future.
Gargantua, "Kotegarda"
the record will see the light of day on 7th December.
Sophya Baccini and
"Aradia", Lino Vairetti, Martin Grice as special guests.
Fish, "13th Star", the
Marillion band front man, first studio album since 2004.
Dominici written by
former prog metal Dream Theater singer Charlie Dominici.
Black Mountain, "In
The Future" a second album from this Canadian band.
Rick Wakeman
"Aspirant Sunset", 2nd work in the Asirant Trilogy.
Anubis Spire, "Lost
Discoveries 1998- 2008" pieces from the band.
Dream Theater
"Greatest Hit" and three new remixes by Kevin Shirley.
Caamora a Symphonic
Rock Opera, will be released in various formats.
Hostsonaten have a
new album coming out called winterthrough.
Tiles and "FlyPaper" is a
amazing progressive hard rock band from Detroit.
Storms Approach,
"Storms Approach" Prog metal with female vocals.
D'arcana, Premonitions
classic, melodic, progressive rock with a modern flare.
Illumion a melodic prog
rock band is recording their first album right now.
Barock Project
"Misteriosevoci" a band with very experienced musicians.
September & "2 smiles
ago" melodic but sometimes very hard and progressive.
Splinter and "Dreamers"
a Symphonic progressive rock band and their first album.
Harem Festival, "A
Single Break In Routine", a different prog rock 
John McLaughlin
"For Floating Point", it  was recorded in India.
Noddy's Puncture,
UK based Emerson, Lake & Palmer tribute and new CD.
The Tangent return to
studio output with the release of their new album.
Delirium, "Il Nome del
Vento" new release will be avaliable as a Lp and Cd.
Emir Hot, Sevdah Metal
represents something fresh for the metal realm.
The Wrong Object
"Stories from the Shed" avant, prog, jazz, rock combo.
Sense & "Going Home"
If you like musical styles as Yes or Genesis this is for you.
Method to Madness
and "Human Nation", hard rock with a prog rock edge.
Talisma prog rock band,
just released their third cd entitled "Quelque Part".
Anthony Phillips, The
Geese And The Ghost 30th anniversary 2 CD reissue.
Tim Burness has
released his new prog rock album titled "Vision On".
By Blood Alone and
"Seas of Blood" a new and great prog rock metal band.
Nascent is a Hard Prog
Rock band that combines Metal and 70s prog styles.
Cerebus Effect
"Returning To The Beginning" great musical sections.
Ghost Circus, a full 70
minute concept album with a 25 minute epic track.
Sado, most surprising and 
exciting Italian prog rock band of the last years.
Orphan Project,
"Orphan Project II" deep, and powerful prog hard rock.
Little King, "Legacy Of
Fools" a Progressive, melodic and dinamic rock.
Mandré and "A Difficult
Journey" a kind of fine music from soul and heart.
Olive Mess & "Cherdak"
a new prog rock trip released by Mellow Records.
Steve Hackett,
"Tribute", his best classical guitars compositions.
Steve Howe & "Light
Walls", an amazing collection from great songs.
Saga and 2 originals of
"Marathon" and "Network", two albums in a slipcase.
Rubber Universe,
"Parliament Of Fooles", mix of classic rock and neo-prog.
Asia and Roger Dean
artwork for the band's forthcoming CD "Phoenix".
Magenta and their great
new album "Metamorphosis" will be released soon.
Rush, "Snakes & Arrows"
live double album will be avaliable very soon.
Guru Guru, "PSY". they
created a real German under- ground scene.
Porcupine Tree, their
last album titled "Nil Recurring" by Peaceville Records.
Lars Eric Mattsson &
“Dream Child” is the best and latest solid album.
Quickbourn & "Beyond
Ground Zero", a mix of classic Rock and Progressive.
Uriah Heep are 
delighted to announce the release of their new album.
Peter Gabriel will be
releasing a new project called "Big Blue Ball".
RPWL, "Experience" high
proportion of creativity, motivation and inspiration.
Anthony Phillips and
"Wildlife" the new album from thi famous musician.
ExhiVision new release,
may have crossed into the soft fusion territory.
Project Moonbeam
by prog-rock musician/ producer, Chris Fournier.
Whitesnake and "Good
To Be Bad" great to hear some real melodic hard rock.
Brighteye Brison,
"Believers and Deceivers",  by Progress Records.
Demians a new French
Prog Rock band and their debut CD "Building An Empire".
VDGG and "Trisector" a
new release  by this famous UK progressive rock band.
Tenmidnight perfect
prog rok, a music played with heart and not with computer.
Royal Hunt, "Collision
Course"  (Paradox II) progressive hard rock band.
Beardfish & "Sleeping
In Traffic: Part two", here is their new prog rock trip.
Delight, "Breaking
Ground" the most interesting gothic rock/ metal band.
Sacrum and their debut
album "Cognition" will be avaliable very soon.
Mind’s Eye, “1994: The
Afterglow”, the most critically acclaimed prog bands.
Moon Safari
"Blomljud", new double CD from this great prog rock band.
Believe and "Yesterday
Is A Friend" digipack version will be added 3 bonus songs.
Farpoint and "Cold Star
Quiet Star" a spiritual prog rock and space-folk music.
Daniele Liverani &
melodic and the progressive metal "The Cosmic Year".
Paul Cusick, "Focal
Point" melodic and powerful, a diverse album.
No-Man’s and their sixth
studio album, 'Schoolyard Ghosts' comming very soon.
Daryl Stuermer, "The
Electric Collection" guitar heavy rock/jazz.
Thieves Kitchen's 4th
album titled "The Water Road", is now avaliable.
King's X album 'XV' will
be released on May 19th, by insedeout music.
The Amber Light &
"Play", they always sounding multi-faceted.
Matthew Parmenter,
"Horror Express" is a collection nightmare songs.
Nic Potter and friends
called 'live' a great powerful album live in Italy.
Benny Zabari an
exciting and refreshing melodic progressive rock.
The Crystal Sun,
"Landscape" a prog rock style around late 60s/early 70s.
Sensitive To Light &
their new album titled "From The Ancient World".
Jelly Fiche a real music
where the fantastic one and reality merges.
Rousseau have their
own style playing a kind of prog rock close to Camel.
U.K., "Live in Boston"
featuring the original members of the band.
Whitesnake the 30th
Anniversary Collection of classics from D. Coverdale.
Bodragaz, "Awaken"
Hard Rock with Heavy riffs, tasteful and groove- oriented.
Birds and Buildings,
they play a prog music as intricate as Gentle Giant.
D Project and "The
Sagarmatha Dilemma", exploring new musical ways.
The Red Masque
finally complete their new album titled "Fossil Eyes".
The Flower Kings,
Carpe Diem Live In USA Recorded in Whittier California.
Cirrus Bay, melodic
progressive rock with lots of chord changes and melody.
Brave, "Monuments" prog
rock/metal featuring powerful female vocals.
Mahogany Frog's "Do
5", fifth full-length release from this Winnipeg- based outfit.
Instrumental Garden
and "The Sky Cried Red" a journey of instrumental rock.
Nektar will be releasing
very soon, their new studio album called "Book Of Days".
Tommy Zvoncheck,
release from former "Blue Oyster Cult" keyboardist.
Nosound, & "Lightdark"
returns with its highly anticipated second album.
Ozric Tentacles,
"Sunrise Festival" their new release on CD/DVD.
Aphelion & "Franticode"
an instrumental prog rock and fusion/jazz style.
Esagono, "Apocalypso"
jazz prog band, born from the ashes of Arti & Mestieri.
Jade Warrior & new
album "NOW" will be released on June, 2008.
Ness & "You Can't Afford 
To Feel" musically emotional and powerful.
Dawn, a Swiss prog rock
band has just released their first album titled "Loneliness".
Abel Ganz the long
awaited cd is finally finished and hits the streets soon.
Odin's Court is a
Maryland, USA band that plays a perfect prog rock music.
Mostly Autumn new
album, a limited edition with only 2333 copies.
J'Accuse..! "Abbandono
del tempo e delle forme" Art Rock and experimental.
Edensong & "The Fruit
Fallen" a epic orchestral progressive rock music.
Sigur Ros "With a buzz
in our ears we play endlessly" special edition.
Unifaun & "Unifaun" for
all fans in the style of the famous 1970's prog bands.
Perspective XIV,
"Shadow of Doubt" in the style of symphonic prog rock.
Warren Appleby
returns with "Pennsylvania Gothic", his 8th CD release.
Distant Lights and
"Simulacrum" five piece progressive art rock band.
David Gilmour has
announced the release of Live In Gdañsk in Sep, 2008.
Pure Reason
Revolution, "Live at NEARfest 2007".
Dorian Opera, "No
Secrets" a great mix of prog metal, prog and classic rock.
Cast a prog rock band
from Mexico and their new release “Originallis”.
Paatos, "Sensors" now
available in Japan as CD in Minivinyl packaging style.
Millenium "Three
Brother's Epilogue" a new trip by this  prog rock band.
Violeta de Outono &
"Violeta de Outono" their first album remaster.
Doracor & "Lady Roma"
a new big trip by this fantastic Italian Prog Band.
Presto Ballet the 2nd
release "The Lost Art Of Time Travel" is now available.
Osada Vida and their
forthcoming CD by Metal Mind "The Body Parts Party”.
Curved Air, "Reborn" a
great retunr of a memorable prog rock band from all times.
Todd Rundgren is 
back with "Arena" a new album and a new journey.
Jeff Wayne's 30th
Anniversary of Musical Version of The War of The Worlds.
James Labrie, vibrant
music to be defined for all-time the term, “art rock".
Coral Caves Mitopoiesi
in the same line of Camel, Genesis, Le Orme and others.
Trem Do Futuro after
12 years the band is back with a new amazing album.
Poseidotica and "La
Distancia" hipnotic and epic progressive rock music.
Tadashi Goto prog rock
and melodic instrumental music from start to finish.
Hans Joachim
Rödelius & Tim Story, "Inlandish" electronic music.
Sine Star Project
emotional music delivered in a grandiose prog style.
Ephrat and the album
"No One's Words" a new progressive rock band from Israel.
Nichelodeon is a music
project oblique and visionary, with strong composition.
Concerto Moon for all
prog rock fans and all keyboard oriented rock fans.
Offramp rock music with
prog leanings that sounds like Rush met Pink Floyd.
Eris Pluvia, long hoped
for but unexpected followup to "Rings of Earthly Light".
Tempus Fugit & their
latest album "Chessboard", by Masque Records.
Deus Ex Machina in
"Imparis" a new studio album and including a live DVD.
The Danglers, "Fade
Out Fade In" featuring the vocalist Jeff Scott Soto.
OTR recorded their album
"Mamonama" in Rio de Janeiro and the Netherlands.
Blackmore’s Night,
a musical journey through time and space.
Fromuz and "Overlook"
a great return for a next step in a new musical journey.
Sieges Even and
"Playgrounds" it is the first live algum recorded in 2007.
Shamall & "Questions
of Life" this will be the first album release since 10 years.
Votchi, "New Religion"
their style comes close to classic hard and prog rock.
Spaced Out will be
launching their fifth studio album "Evolution".
Flaming Bess
"Wächter des Lichts" your new discovering of "prog rock".
Twin Fusion, recalls the
age of Kansas, Rush and Dream Theatre.
Willowglass and their
new album, entitled 'Book of Hours', will be release soon.
Andromeda, a Swedish
Band brings amazingly well done Prog Rock Metal.
D.F.A. "4th" release, a
new trip by this amazing Italian progressive rock band.
Pendragon, their new
album titled as "Pure", it will be avaliable very soon.
California Guitar 
Trio is back with their amazing and fantastic new album.
Strawbs and their new
amazing album titled "The Broken Hearted Bride".
Avian a brilliant epic
melodic metal, is a heavy crossover album.
Evolve Decadent Light
rong song-craft and remarkable production quality.
Anathema and "Flying"
is the first new release from band for five years.
Rohmer is a prog rock
project born from the will of Fabio Zuffanti and Boris Valle.
Pandora, "Dramma di
un poeta ubriaco" dynamic Italian prog band.
The Jan Hammer
Group’s concert the other night at The Bottom Line.
Into Eternity the
Canadian extreme prog metal quintet and their new album.
Reale Accademia di
Musica this amazing Italian prog band is back.
Tomorrow’s Eve are
back with a new album titled “Tales From Serpentia”.
Chaneton &  their new
album titled "Looking for Shadows in the Windows".
Murple and "Quadri di
un'esposizione" is a lovely concept prog rock album.
Dimension is one of the
most representative prog metal band based in Denver.
Universal Totem
Orchestra & “The Magus” their second album.
Sonic Ray is a studio
project of prog rock to US metal & English Canterbury.
Venturia a brazilian Prog
Metal Band returned with the second album “Hybrid”.
Shadrane is a blend of
prog-metal, power-metal and prog rock style.
Jupiter Society - First
contact/Last warning new project from Carl Westholm.
It Bites and their new the
album 'The Tall Ships' is available for pre-ordering.
Yoke Shire "The
Witching Hour" new Rock with classic rock & sonic clarity.
Symphony X and
"Paradise Lost" re-release with bonus DVD in digipack.
Marillion's 15th album is
actually double album split into two separate CDs.
Sophya Baccini &
Lino Vairetti (Osanna), Martin Grice (Delirium) as guests.
Lunatic Soul the new
album from Riverside front man vocals  and bass Mariusz Duda.
Uli Jon Roth & his new
full-length CD an epic rock opera titled "Under a Dark Sky".
Neal Morse & the new
studio album 'Lifeline' will be released on Sept. 29th.
Prophexy a new 
generation in the style of Soft Machine, Genesis and Pink Floyd.
After and "Hideout" is the
second studio album of this polabd prog-rock band.
Karmakanic, "Who's the
boss in the factory" produced by Jonas Reingold.
Martin Orford, The Old
Road the keyboard player and a member from IQ.
Morning and "Moments
of Truth" their new studio album released in Sep. 2008.
Ivanhoe "Lifetime" is
more than the "German answer to Dream Theater”.
Ulysses "The Gift of
Tears" a definitieve must have for fans of the prog genre.
Ayreon "Timeline 3CD
+ DVD"  to summarize the story of the band´s universe.
Votum, "Time Must Have
a Stop" great debut release from this Polish ProgMetal.
Sean Faust is back with
his new fantastic and amazing CD titled "Inside Again".
Zingale The Bright Side
highly sensitive a pleasant and excellent surprise.
Heavy Water E.
inspired art rock with prog elements.
Trettioariga Kriget
first ever live CD will be released on October  20th, 2008.
Big Big Train, "English
Boy Wonders" an amazing symphonic prog rock band.
The Reasoning, a
stunning six piece progressive rock outfit.
Marc Chaunet, "Terre 
de feu" for fans from Harmonium, Peter Hammill.
Dimitar Nalbantov
new all Guitar Instrumental Progressive Rock album.
Raimundo Rodulfo
and his new album "Mare et Terra" was finished in August.
HeadenD & "Sensoria"
prog rock innovators, lyrical and also musically.
Warren Appleby,
"Snowbound" music for your Hard Prog Rock Holidays.
Marillion Box Set, 6
CDs including BBC alive recordes with Fish on vocals.
Coste Apetrea is a
Scandinavian music legend dating back to the early 70’s.
Mythos and "Surround
Sound Offensive" catching electronic music.
Raven Sad, "Quoth" a
new prog name with Pink Floyd and No-Man influences.
Slychosis, Slychedelia
Progressive rock with an eclectic blend of psychedelia.
The Other Side, "A
Higher Vantage Point" prog rock and electronic.
Dunwich a italian prog
rock band, and their the long awaited 4th album.
Latte&Miele are back
after 30 years with a new album titled "Live Tasting".
Vittorio De Scalzi &
"Mandilli"  a collection of charming musical frescos.
Caamora, Journey's
End... An Acoustic Anthology, a double live album.
Arashk, for people who
seek rich melodic instrumentations in riffs and solos.
Cap Outrun and
"Influence Grind" a new Swedish prog rock fusion band.
SBB and their new CD
archives complete live and best recording from 1978.
Premiata Forneria
Marconi the tour band did with Fabrizio De Andrè.
Franco Battiato the
sicilian musician, the new album "Fleurs 2".
Anyone's Daughter,
"Live Doppel CD/DVD" the "Trio Tour", a great album.
Randal Rayborn a
odyssey uniting the realms of prog rock & metal.
Flanelhed & "Amnesia"
a hard rock band with roots prog rock and even nu metal.
Daniel Gauthier and
"The Wish" finally, this much awaited CD is there.
Rhys Marsh, the style
of P. Tree, No-Man and Hatfield And The North.
"Aquaplanage" a new generation, great prog rock album.
Guy Manning, "Ten" a
brand new studio CD from this great musician.
If an amazing italian prog
rock band and their second album titled as "Morpho Nestira".
The Arkitecht a blend
of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Pantera and Symphony X.
Edenbridge invite you
to listen their new amazing live album "Live Earth Dream".
Vienna Circle & "White
Clouds" a British Prog Rock band full of drama.
Farther Paint, female
fronted prog rock metal with power and originality.
Nathan Mahl and
"Exodus" is  their first studio CD in over 5 years.
Mappe Nootiche and
"Terra" great debut of a new band hailing from Milan.
Ego MCM is the synthesis
of a musical evolution, which has united three musicians.
RC2 and "Future Awaits"
intensity and melody, a cohesive prog rock band.
Unitopia & The Garden
progressive rock with a wide range of different emotions.
Frost & "Experiments In
Mass Appeal" their new album in a Special Edition.
Zip Tang and "Pank" a
new release from this amazing progressive rock band.
Lisa LaRue,
"Transformation 2012" great award-winning native USA keyboardist.
Eclektica, "Eclektica" a
new italian super group and their debut album.
God Is An Astronaut,
are three piece hailing from the Glen of the Downs.
Syrinx after some years
thei are back with a new amazing album titled as "Qualia".
Hobbit, "Lost and Found"
the new album captures a new dynamic music fantasy.
Keith Emerson Band,
a new release, his first studio band CD since ELP.
Seven Day Hunt is a
new prog band and the continuation of Egdon Heath group.
The Watch & "Live
2008", this album captures the band at their very best.
Yesterdays, "Inferno"
this wonderful 4CD box (with a booklet wiht 80 pages.
VIII Strada their great
Debut CD for this new reality in the italian prog scene.
Mike Shouse & “Alone
On The Sun”, the 2nd instrumental album release.
Serpentina Satelite
a perfect example in the best style of Krautrock music.
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