.......BEST RELEASES FROM 2008/2009
. .
LAST UPDATE 12/31/2009....
Steven Wilson,
"Insurgentes" the solo album from is now avaliable.
Delirium and  "Il Nome
del Vento" will be ready within the end of the year 2008.
No Empty Sky and
"Empire" creative and emotional prog rock band.
Medusa vintage prog
rock if you like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Mountain.
Illustrated Man a
introspective, thought provoking progressive rock.
Riddle is back! after their
bestselling debut of 2004 with a new CD "Tomorrow".
Scott McGill "Symptom
Imperative" produced by R. DeCarlo & Scott McGill.
Anthropia one of the
best Progressive Metal band released their new album.
Yleclipse and "Trails of
Ambergris" in their fourth CD an elegant Prog Rock.
Daedalus & their new
CD titled "The Never Ending Illusion", comming soon.
Gandalf & Friends, the
first time in his career Gandalf releases a live album.
Futile a Alternative
Progressive Rock Band and their new album "The Argonaut".
Miosis are a dark prog
rock/metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Forgotten Suns and
their the third album from Portugal based Neo Prog Rock.
UKZ a new Prog Rock
Supergroup formed by Eddie Jobson and their debut CD.
Phaenomena "The
Praise of Madness" strong and well defined prog metal.
Bittertown & "Scenes
From The Box" is the superb prog rock debut album.
Il Castello di Atlante,
"Tra le antiche mura" their amazing 7th album.
Mind Movie "An Ocean
Of Dreams" Prog Rock flavoured with great guitars sounds.
Seven steps from
the Green Door best hard rock style.
Maze of Time is back
with an amazing new CD "Lullaby For Heroes".
Satellite revealed the
cover artwork of their new CD titled as "Nostalgia".
iCon "3" The concept is
based on the “om” symbol, not specific to one religion.
Bad Alchemy and
"Rorschach's Conundrum" an old school of Prog Rock.
Echo Park melodic with
complex rhythms and tight vocal harmonies.
Angus Clark & his new
album full of amazing and varied guitar sounds.
The Source & "Prickly
Pear" for all fans of early the 70s style of Progressive Rock.
Derek Sherinian
"Molecular Heinosity" he is a brilliant musician.
Ian Gillan, Deep Purple
vocalist returns with the most spectacular solo album.
Alerion & "Turn of Fate -
EP" a gothic female fronted Progressive Metal band.
Malaavia, "Vibrazioni
Liquide" second CD for this interesting italian band.
Miriodor an adventurous,
memorable and truly instrumental prog rock.
Umphrey's McGee,
"Mantis" the epic new CD by this monsters of prog rock.
Circa featuring Billy
Sherwood, Tony Kaye, Jimmy Haun, and Jay Schellen.
Mother's Green
consists of guitarist singer songwriter March.
Vangough & their new 
album “Manikin Parade”, experimental, prog rock.
Ashent, their debut
album was released in March 20th, 2009.
Runaway totem,
"Manu Menes", 7th CD for the mystic italian combo.
Hourglass & "Oblivious
To The Obvious" the long-awaited double album.
Isis, "Wavering Radiant"
divided into seven pieces, is essentially one composition.
Apocalypse & "The
Bridge of Light" a vibrant brazilian Prog Metal band.
Glass Wolfe, their new
CD "Xotica" Symphonic Rock with Gothic Metal.
Alfa Nefer "Maschere e
Deserti" it represents the beginning of a new way.
Zauber "Phoenix" limited
hand- numbered edition recorded in 1977.
Atempo, "Regresarás" the
next musical trip by this great Argentina Prog band.
Galadriel, "Calibrated
Collision Course" the new album from this great Band.
Saga "The Human
Condition" their first studio album with new singer.
Kebnekajse Swedish
prog rock folk band that was most active during the 1970s.
Saris, "Curse Of Time"
prog rock for those, who like the music of the 70's.
Gazpacho announces
their new album titled "Tick Tock" will be release soon.
Adventure, finally they
are back a symphonic prog  rock band from Norway.
Osanna is back! a new
line-up always with the same spirit and a new album.
3RDegree's new studio
album Narrow-Caster-which was released this past June.
Fractal have developed
their own unique style that underpins intense songs.
Ioearth a band that fall
into categories such as prog rock and fusion.
Lynn Stokes/ Sol
Surfers have crafted an original and intricate soud.
Vougan has an unique
style by blending Melodic Heavy Prog Rock Metal!
Michael Schenker &
Gary Barden Acoustic Project an amazing album.
Blind Ego the
forthcoming album called "Numb" will be released very soon.
Agents Of Mercy, a
project by Roine Stolt titled "The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight".
Brave, Lost in Retrospect,
prog rock/ metal with powerful female vocals.
Every Waking Hour
epic and intimate… dense and hummable.
The Evidence,
"Polarity" four clean-cut choir boys in a bloody fist fight.
Magellan, "Yesterday's
Children" Prog seasoned with colorful imagination.
OSI, "Blood" alternating
between subtly atmospheric and brutally aggressive.
Dream Theater "Black
Coulds & Silver Linings" is their tenth studio album.
Quidam and the reissue
of the album "Time Beneath The Sky" already in sale.
Longshot album titled
"Armageddon" finally will be released very soon.
Aphelion, "Franticode"
intense prog rock fusion mixed by Derek Sherinian.
Le Orme and Live 1975,
a double live album from this Italian prog rock band.
G.C Neri and "Logos",
It's a amazing spiritual travel album planned by hin.
Odessa & "Il Giorno del
Giudizio" is back with a new great prog rock release.
Iron Claw early 70s
Scottish heavy rock influenced by Black Sabbath.
OHMphrey is the
brainchild of three members of the Umphrey’s McGee Band.
Cluster & "Qua" it has 
now been 14 years since the last studio album release.
Macromarco great 
debut album by this project hailing from southern Italy.
Mr. So & So and
"Sugarstealer" progressive rock, but not the usual sort.
Lunatica, "New Shores"
melodic prog metal with a beautiful female voice.
Queensrÿche's new
studio album "American Soldier" for a vibrant Metal band.
Rodolfo Maltese & "Il
Gabbiano Jonathan", is a wonderful record.
TCP and "The Way",
blending dark and melodic vocals with extended instrumental.
Spleen Arcana, "The
Field Where She Died" melancholic prog rock.
Kotebel and their new
album "Ouroboros" a classical and academic Prog Rock.
Irrwisch & "Wizard For a
Day" is probably one of the oldest existing Swiss bands.
Marsupial, "Genus
Thylacinus" a special blend of prog rock and jazz.
Drift is a progressive rock
with synths, crunchy guitars, and wacky time changes.
Alimar a mixture of
cinematic, symphonic, orchestral and prog rock.
(((AF))) hypnotic and
aggressive guitars in a rich emotive experience.
Vestal a instrumental
symphonic prog rock with dramatic arrangements.
Victor Peraino's
Kingdom Come and "No Mans Land" will be release soon.
The Under an amazing
guitar-work, intricate rhythms and soaring vocals.
Days Before
Tomorrow & "The Sky Is Falling" melodic prog rock.
GAS & "Live @ cuXmas"
will be available online only at the download portals.
Postmeridiem and the
album "The Sun and the Blue" prog-fusion suggestions.
Twenty3Fifty9, "The
Count, Act I - The Soul of a Prisoner" sympho prog rock.
Anekdoten, "Chapters" 
a album featuring previously unreleased material.
Pantommind and
"Lunasense" amazing melodic prog metal from Bulgaria.
Red Star Revolt
Modern Arte rock with an incredible dose of 70's Prog.
Nektar "Fortyfied" these
fantastic recordings from their last tour in Europe.
Fabio Zuffanti's music
is a mix of a varied sounds and lots of influences.
Aeolian Race a tasteful
mixture of experimental, prog and psychedelic.
No Restraints & "Xout"
style like Pink Floyd. EL&P, Yes and King Crimson.
Aspire, "In Defiance Of
Fortune" a new reference in Progressive Rock Metal.
Deluge Grander, "The
Form of the Good" full of intricate performances.
IQ the new album by one
of the leading British prog rock bands is called "Frequency".
Aeon Zen a prog rock/
metal band and their first album titled "A Mind's Portrait".
Ozric Tentacles, "The
Yumyum Tree" new album coming soon.
Echo Us and "The Tide
Decides" a sympho prog rock is back with a new album.
Taylor's Universe
"Return to Whatever" a prog symphonic jazzrock.
Kill Clouseau prog
hook driven rock with silky smooth high clean vocals.
Engineers, Three Fact
Fader, in West London, for release in July 2009.
Cynema and "Cynema"
creative alternative rock with a twist of truth.
The Syn are getting
ready to launch their brand new cd entitled "Big Sky".
No Name, "20 Candles",
a melodic music in a vein which Pendragon and IQ.
Paidarion a prog Rock
band with beautiful ballads and hard rocking songs.
Galahad will release a
live album “Resonance – Live in Poland”.
Goad & new album titled
"Masquerade" will be released by Black Widow records.
Areknames & "In Case
of Loss" and their new fantastic album come soon.
Villebrad, "Ultrarapid" 
a new album by a swedish darker prog rock group.
Tangle Edge acid-
guitar based rock, unique in its style with a new album.
Archangel and "The
Akallabeth" the new album from main writer for Ubi Maior.
Matthew Anderson
modern prog rock and alt-rock to ambient to nu-folk.
Stare North powerful,
melodic, prog rock with a healthy helping of guitar.
Flood’s debut album
titled "Tales from the Four Seasons" is now avaliable.
Dyna Head, prog metal
band are proud to release their first album "Antigen".
Gentle Giant "Live In
Stockholm" '75 Recorded at Stockholm University.
Mystery "Destiny" Newly
remixed and remastered version with two bonus.
Vicolo Margana
between suggestions of psych-prog and electronic.
Dol Theeta, "The
Universe Expands", heavy metal, prog rock, electronic.
Patrick Moraz
probably best known in prog rock music circles.
Cantina Sociale &
"Cum Lux" “Prog world ”,with courage and creativity.
Kitaro & "Impressions Of
The West Lake", an amazing trip into a new dimension.
Lalo Huber, "Lost in
Kali Yuga" Keyboard driven, Symphonic Prog Rock.
Twelfth Night and a
special double album titled as "Smiling At Grief".
Travis Larson Band,
"Rate of Change" a instrumental rock fusion.
Viima and "Kahden Kuun
Sirpit" one of the best prog rock band from Finland.
Quidam and "The Fifth
Season Live in Concert" out in June by Metal Mind.
Ubi Maior a acclaimed
Italian prog rock band is back with a new album.
Tinyfish a rare album
with previously unreleased tracks, remastered.
Rosa Luxemburg's
debut album alternates short and incisive epic songs.
Wobbler now the band
is finally finished with the second amazing prog rock album.
Profuna Ocean and
"Watching The Closing Sky" a new Dutch prog rock band.
Kurai is a Japanese word
that means to the adjective "dark", without "gothic".
Pure Reason
Revolution and "Amor Vincit Omnia" new album.
Dutch Space
Mission & the album  "The Lost Temple Of Xi Cephei".
Mangrove and be prepared for heavy tunes with a foundation from the 70's. Xanima, "Inside Warrior"
imagine Evanescence mixed with Enigma.
Bullfrog & their debut
album "Flower On The Moon", distribution by Black Widow.
Soundscape & "Grave
New World" progressive rock with a heavy metal edge.
Robin Trower, stunning
studio album including eleven new songs.
Iyam a mind expanding
musical journey, full of amazing experience.
Aatra's full length album
"The Weirding" available on Rise Above Records.
Van Der Graaf
Generator, "Time Vaults" recorded between 72 & 75.
Kruk & "Before He'll Kill
You" is a hard-rock album, with awesome guitar solos.
Eureka influenced by
prog rock acts such as "Yes" and "Rush".
Riverside and their
fantastic new album "Anno Domini High Definition".
Siena Root, "Different
Realities", a blend of 70's hardrock and indian music.
Uncreated Light plays
in the symphonic progressive power metal style.
Jordan Rudess
featuring  Dream Theater's piano versions.
Lillian Axe and their
album "Sad Day on Planet Earth" a fantastic hard rock band.
Mind Key with a new
album, the return of the Italian Prog Metal.
Arti e Mestieri "Il
grande Belzoni" mini-CD from the italian masters.
Magnum & their new
amazing album titled "Into The Valley Of The Moonkin".
Nautilus and "Fathom",
haunting, progressive rock, melodic, powereful vocals.
Citadel all new midi
guitar masterpiece, Folk Rock Prog Metal with Jazz.
Atomic Workers
"Third Disaster" is great, a true unidentified sonic object.
Action and their album
"Action" styke like Deep Purple or early Uriah Heep.
The Butterfly Effect,
"Final Conversation Of Kings" a great prog band.
Thirdstage a fine mix
of 70's Progressive, Art Rock and Modern Alternative.
Beppe Crovella and
"Pianovando" a solo piano with 57 compositions.
The Gathering, a
highly acclaimed Dutch band is back.
Roswell Six "Terra
Incognita: Beyond The Horizon" a truly supergroup.
Orphan Project and
"Spooning Out The Sea", styles such as Yes and Kansas.
Exivious a 1000 limited
unique edition, luxurious CD box with fine artwork.
Karfagen and their
amazing new album titled as "The Key to Perception".
Malibran with new CD,
one of most representative italian prog rock band.
Delirio Sonoro
psychedelic rock blended with prog and electronic.
Toxic Smile and
"Overdue Visit" melodic prog metal band from Germany.
Moongarden their sixth
album for this famous italian progressive rock band.
Mostly Autumn, "Pass
The Clock" a 3 discs full of stunning songs.
Neo-Prophet, Monsters
rock music 'with a prog-touch' from Belgium.
Mindflower and "Little
Enchanted Void" a great italian Prog Rock band.
Madmen & 
Dreamers "Remembrance" an amazing prog rock opera.
The Pineapple
Thief, "3000 Days" an overview of the band.
Transatlantic will
release their long waited new album in October.
Behind the Sun, five
musicians performing heavy prog rock in Israel.
Indukti & "Idmen" will
be released end of July on Insideout Music.
Altaria's story begun in
Finland in the year 2000 as a project of drummer Tony S.
Sons Of Seasons
impressive debut release by this amazing band.
Abramis Brama
Smakar Söndag reflects over the time passed since Rubicon.
Gargamel their music
has clear roots to the experimental and prog rock.
Redemption is one of
the leading prog rock metal bands in the world today.
Hybrid Ice and "Mind's
Eye" the long awaited release of their third album.
Airbag & "Identity" new
album by this great norwegian progressive rock group.
Moraine is an electric
string quartet- plus- drums as “heavy chamber music.
Amorphis a prog metal
band with lyrics and themes based on epic Kalevala.
Nodo Gordiano is back
with their new fantastic album titled "Flektogon".
Ian Hunter's new album,
Man Overboard, will be issued on 21 July 2009.
Ciro Perrino is one of
the most legendary Italian prog rock musicians.
Shadowland neo-prog
band, returns with its first live album "Edge of Night".
The Sin Committee
and "Confess!!" a new prog rock band from Netherlands.
Phideaux and "Number
Seven", a slightly surreal, humourous "hero's trip".
Circle of Fate, their
latest release album  "Back to Life" is available now.
Stream of Passion is
very happy to announce that their new album.
Filoritmia & "Passaggi"
melodic prog rock merges into more acid sounds.
Zingale, The Bright Side
a ambitious prog rock band coming out of Israel.
Cary Grace & her most
recent release is the double album "Perpetual Motion".
Oceans of Night, a
Prog rock/ metal band with a diverse range of musical styles.
Rick Wakeman, "The
Word And Music", narration by Nina Wakeman.
Jonsi & Alex'
'gorgeous Riceboy Sleeps' CD was released on July 20.
Beardfish & "Destined
Solitaire" 70s style Prog Rock at its best.
Marillion & "Live From
Loreley" for the first time complete on a double CD.
Rick Ray Band intense
Psychedelic Progressive Hard Rock Fusion & Blues.
Conqueror & “Sprazzi
di Luce” a new EP featuring amazing four new tracks.
Abigail's Ghost
young USA band are proud to release their new CD.
Landmarq presents
"Turbulence" their third live album, by Metal Mind.
Minimum Vital a mix
of prog rock style from Yes as fluid as Mike Oldfield.
Plurima Mundi very
influenced by Osanna, PFM, King Crimson and Jethro Tull.
Edain a Prog Metal band
and their album titled "Through Thought and Time".
Floodline & "Beneath
The Waves" Prog Metal like Dream Theater and Opeth.
Cirrus Bay, "A Step Into
Elsewhere" beautiful prog rock with lots of melody.
Strawbs & "Dancing To
The Devil's Beat" a new amazing album on the way.
Gong, the Legendary
Psyche Rockers release a new studio album "2032".
Barock Project, Rebus
finest and perfect structure of prog music.
Turbo & their album titled
"Awatar", released after 10 years silence in 2001.
Nosound is a seductive
and original fusion of styles of Prog, Ambient and Post Rock.
Cirrha Niva, amazing
Prog Metal band and their album "For Moments Never Done".
The Vital Might and
"Red Planet" featuring amazing melodic prog rock.
Pravda & "Monophobic",
a progressive rock metal band playing in the best style.
Corciolli, "Lightwalk" a
mix in the style of the new age with prog rock touchs.
Parzivals Eye and
"Fragment" a solo-project of RPWL bassist Chris Postl.
Sylvan the german Prog
Rock Metal band and their new CD "Force of Gravity".
Jolly, & their debut CD,
a New York City-based alternative prog rock band.
Il Ruscello, "Paesaggio
solare" in the same genre with Balletto di Bronzo.
Os Mutantes & "Haih
Or Amortecedor" a prog crazy band from Brazil.
Millenium and their new
album "Exist" an great Poland progressive rock band.
IT "Departure" a incredibly
interesting and intelligent Progressive Rock Band.
Gösta Berlings
Saga & "Detta Har Hänt" in the same line of Magma.
Factory of Dreams,
"A Strange Utopia" is a symphonic metal gothic project.
Stormy Atmosphere
a debut album by an Israeli Prog Art Metal Act.
Strange Land's album
"Catharsis" has now been officially released.
Hostsonaten & the CD
"Autumn symphony" (Part II of 'Seasoncycle Suite').
Towersound, their new
album titlet as "Who’s Guilty", hard and prog rock.
Porcupine Tree return
with "The Incident" an epic prog rock music.
Pictorial Wand & their
new album titled as "Face of our Fathers".
Believe, Polish prog rock
band a new album to be released in August.
Voyager and their long
-awaited new album titled as "I Am The Revolution".
Majestic, "Arrival" a 
band and album for all prog rock lovers around the world.
Oz Noy finally is back
with their welcome new album "Schizo- phrenic".
The Flaming Lips, a
Deluxe Limited 2CD/ DVD Edition of Embryonic.
Gan Eden-Il giardino
delle delizie and "Ritratto di ballerina".
The Elegant
Simplicity, "Vignettes" with 5 short instrumental tracks.
Andeavor "The Darkest
Tear" a prog-rock metal band and their last album.
Tom de Wit,
"Scrapbook", finally shine some light on the new album.
Supay and their album
"El Viaje", Andino Progressive Rock band from Peru.
N.Y.X. a new band in the
best tradition of the italian progressive rock style.
Knight Area & "Realm
Of Shadows" is the name of their amazing new album.
Mechanical organic's
third album "Disrepair Part Two – The Pleasure Fled".
Ajalon a Sympho prog
rock band and new album titled "This Good Place".
Guilt Machine the
music from them range from dark, heavy to atmospheric.
Jack Yello after many
years proudly present their new prog rock album titled "Xeric".
Antonius Rex and "Per
viam" based upon the esoteric compositions.
Michael Hilder and
"The Storm Part Two" a epic hard rock and his trilogy.
Van Der Graaf
Generator - "Live At The Paradiso" on CD/DVD.
Within Temptation
will be releasing a new acoustic live album on Nov 2nd.
Martigan and their new
CD "Vision" a style into Genesis, Marillion and IQ.
Life Line Project,
"The Finnishing Touch" a new Sympho Prog Rock trip.
Obiymy Doschu
“Elehia” a ukrainian band that plays great prog rock.
Unified Past is back
with a new amazing and fantastic prog rock album.
Ex.Vagus and their new
album "Dream object 5" full of musical creation.
Delany a brand new
project with internationally well known musicians.
David Mark Pearce
and "Tell Me Why" featuring Lisa LaRue and John Payne.
Abraham Lee, "Black
& White", his third album, first on the Festival Music label.
"Challenges" with lush arrangements, solid musicianship.
Markonee are a hot new
band from Italy that specialise in Classic hard rock.
The Ping a Norwegian
prog art-rock outfit band released their 4th album.
Darwins's Radio an
English Progressive rock band. With a new album.
Breathing Space and
"Below The Radar" good melodic Prog Rock style.
AtmOsfear a German
prog metal band are back with a new album titled "Zenith".
Prymary announces their
long awaited 3rd album titled "The Enemy Inside".
US, Everything Changes a
stunning new album from the Neo Prog Rock band.
Memoira is a female
fronted Finnish band playing epic prog, melodic and metal.
Epica, "Design Your
Universe" mix of Classical music, Gothic and Heavy Prog Metal.
Algebra is a concept 
adventure album in an unlimited idea of freedom.
This Misery Garden,
"Another Great Day On Earth" dark prog rock/ metal band.
Sleep Siren an
explosive, moody, prog rock, with unique time signatures.
The Wishing Tree is
a band founded by Marillion's Steve Rothery.
Native Window is a
special project created by members from Kansas band.
Katatonia and "Night Is
The New Day" their new album recorde on July 2009.
Devin Townsend
Project a different collection of musicians.
Randoneand "Linea di
Confine" a new album by this amazing italian musician.
Swami and "Swami" an
unique stile of the 60’s and 70’s with the modern rock.
Frost & "Frost*Fest" - Live
album, recorded live at the band's RoSFest 2009.
IZZ a USA Prog Rock band
is back with a new album titled as "Places to Hide".
Ageness & "Songs From
The Liar's Lair" an amazing prog rock metal band.
Kayak is back with their
new amazing double album titled "Letters From Utopia".
Loch Vostok & "Reveal
No Secrets" a Swedish Melodic Death Prog Metal.
Gato Marte & "Colombo
tutto tondo (Opera buffa)" is their 8th fantastic album.
Nebuleyes and "The
Universal Being" a symphonic, epic and prog music.
Pain Of Salvation &
the album "Linoleum" a great and innovative band.
Banda Do Sol after 27
years and finished recording "Tempo".
Vonassi is a powerful
and ambitious statement of progressive rock music.
Rare Blend resonates
with fans of jazz to jam band, fusion to progressive rock.
Gustaf Fjelstrom from
Maximum Indifference and his album "Metames-meric".
Minstrel & "Ahab" prog
rock combining diffenrent musical traditions.
Lisa LaRue and their
"Project 2K9" limited edition CD, titled "World Class".
Great Caesar's 
Ghost, a Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band".
Uriah Heep and new
album "Celebration", to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Syzygy and "Realms of
Eternity" 77 minutes of unbelievable sympho prog.
Parade& "The Fabric" a
new band and CD from Chris Johnson, Mostly Autumn.
The Tangent new CD
will be released on November 16th in Europe.
Shamall announce their
new concept album titled "Is This Human Behavior".
Reale Accademia di
Musica "Tempo senza tempo" new album.
Karnivool and "Sound
Awake" modern prog rock band and their first album.
Sleepwalker Sun
releases "Stranger In Thge Mirror", in a deluxe digipack.
Rishloo, a alternative
prog / rock band from Seattle, and their new CD.
Kinetic Element and
"Powered by Light" heavy guitars and symphonic keys.
Galahad, "Sleepless In 
Phoenixville" a Rosfest double Live 2007 digipak.
Leap Day an "Awaking
the Muse" in the style of Yes, Genesis, Camel, etc.
Shadow Gallery and
"Digital Ghosts" with a new lead singer Brian Ashland.
Black Bonzo is back
withg a new amazing album titled "Guilotine Drama".
Jupiter Society is back
with a second album, titled  "Terraform".
Marillion and their new
album "Less Is More" will be released in the UK 5th October.
Magma release a final
installment of epic trilogy titled "Ëmëhntëhtt- Ré".
Big Big Train are proud
to announce their new album "The Underfall".
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