.......BEST RELEASES FROM 2009/2010
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LAST UPDATE 12/31/2010....
Eloy and the CD carries
the title "Visionary" and will be available soon.
Mandala- band  "The
Resurrection" the return of a brilhant and amazing band.
Aldo Pinelli is an
amazing Argentina musician, he have released a new album.
Winter Crescent a
band formed by Alex Ktistakis and Nick Drakos.
Mandara a mix of italian
ethno rock and prog rock of the amazing seventies.
Univers Zero and their
new album "Clivages" one of the best in many years.
Flash Range a mix of
musicians from the Arena, Kino, It Bites, IQ and Jadis.
Proximal Distance a
collaboration with Slychosis and Majestic musicians.
Mostly Autumn Live
2009 Part II the best versions of many of their songs.
The Watch and "Planet
Earth", the 4th album by this Italian prog rock band.
Rikard Sjöblom and
his first solo album, the mastermind of Beardfish.
D?AccorD formed early
2008 playing prog rock like Genesis, Camel and Yes.
Glass Hammer & their
last album "Three Cheers For The Broken- Hearted".
Last autumns dream
and their new album "A Touch Of Heaven".
Osada Vida and their
new CD "Uninvited Dreams" by Metal Mind Productions.
Flora and "Traiettorie di
volano" a Jazz flavour, post-rock and minimalistic songs.
Altare Thotemico
new project with Area and Biglietto influences.
Priestess the Canada-
based hard rockers and their new CD "Prior to the Fire".
Myrath and their album
"Desert Call", an amazing Metal band from Tunisia.
Airpotman, the album
"The Road", a 30 minute suite full of soft guitar atmosphere.
Secondskin from
Glasgow, prog rock band and their debut CD ?Captive Audience?.
Flying Circus
influences from the spheres of both Hard and Prog Rock.
Mastermind titled
"Insomnia", they are back with their first full length album.
Hawkwind at The BBC
-1972' captures the band just after the surprise of the UK.
Audiovision & ?Focus?
is a amazing first class melodic hardrock/metal album.
Citadellion is a prog
metal band, a studioproject from Göteborg, Sweden.
Nemesis, "Gigaherz"
offers a epic electronica sympho and ambient sound.
Hamadryad & the CD
"Intrusion" a special limited edition with Bonus DVD.
Kaipa new CD "In The
Wake Of Evolution" will be released very soon.
Fabio Zuffanti is back
with his new prog rock solo CD entitled "Ghiaccio".
Asia and their new album
titled as "Omega", a new trip by this amazing band.
WolfSpring & debut
album, contains 8 tracks with a strong musical personality.
Fughu a style described
as progressive metal in the vein of Dream Theater.
Erik Hall releases his
debut full-length album titled as "In Tall Buildings".
Dante a progressive rock
metal band and their new CD entitled as "Saturnine".
Astronaut Down a
complex prog rock metal, with accessible energy.
The Gak Omek full of
instrumental post spacerock electronic, fusion, metal.
Mars Hollow take the
foundation of '70's melodic progressive rock style.
The Rebel Wheel &
their new album "We Are In The Time Of Evil Clocks".
Embassy of Silence
is an amazing band with a strong Metal Rock Music.
The Black & "Gorgoni"
a new CD by the legendary Italian Heavy Metal Band.
Solstice, "Spirit" with
bonus full concert live DVD, the 30th anniversary.
Aspera & their new CD,
an extremely talented prog Metal band.
P.F.M. "River of Life",
The Manticore years anthology 1973-1977.
Tempest has delivered a
globally- renowned hybrid of high-energy folk rock.
Lacrimosa, their new
CD "Schattenspiel" with 17 unreleased tracks.
Neal Morse, Pick of the
Week a prolific musician with a successful career.
The Plainfield
Project, a serious musical with great potential.
Sandy Denny & The
Strawbs all their own work the complete sessions, 2010.
Colster bearing the same
name ?Colster?, is completely instrumental.
Silent Call arising from
the thriving prog music scene of Stockholm, Sweden.
From.UZ, "Seventh
Story" the brand new full length album will be release soon.
Moonlight Sky, great
Symphonic Progressive Rock band and their new album.
Trusties and "Human
Wheel", they play a modern Progressive Rock Metal.
Kingcrow, "Phlegethon",
the new concept CD of the band has finally mastered.
Ainur & "Lay of Leithian"
rank among the important authors of Tolkien's music.
Voodoo Monkey
Child five piece  female fronted.
Panic Room, "Satellite"
a stunning new album from new UK progressive rock band.
Mr. Gil the guitar player
from Collage and Satellite and his new solo album.
The Pineapple Thief
and their new album "Someone Here is Missing".
Quasar Lux. Symphoniae
evolution with a special emphasis on the prog past styles.
Maschera di Cera
new 2010 album from one of the best italian prog band.
Unitopia a musical trip
mixing melodic  with symphonic prog rock.
The Besnard Lakes
and the album titled as "Are the Roaring Night".
Konchordat & "English
Ghosts" a neo- progressive Symphonic rock project.
Deva a new name in
Melodic Prog Metal Rock and their amazing debut album.
Dec Burke & "Destroy
All Monsters" and his first solo album, pop and prog.
Warren Appleby full
of a powerful Instrumental Hard Rock  with emotion.
Master of Ceremony
and "Above and beyond" a new prog artist from Italy.
Djizoes a Swiss rockers
have just released their new album "Ichi Ten Dai".
Soul Enema is very
influenced by amazing prog rock and metal style.
The Seven is the
personal musical vision a instrumental musical project.
Daniele Gottardo &
"Frenzy of Ecstasy" a guitarist and composer.
Scott McGill and their
latest release, also with Percy Jones and Ritchie DeCarlo.
Demians and "Mute" an
amazing CD 'must have' for lovers of Porcupine Tree.
RPWL, their upcoming
10th anniversary album "The Gentle Art Of Music".
Id Guinness keys/
songwriter whose work on several independent releases.
Mystery and their new
album "One Among the Living" will be avaliable soon.
Modest Midget an
fresh album, immediately unforgettable after first play.
Simeon Harris fuses
deep ambient textures and atmospheric experience.
Division by Zero and
"Independent Harmony" a new prog rock metal band.
Mythos new album titled 
such as "Unabsteigbar!", different but not complex.
Quactus "A sense of we"
blending styles such as jam, rock, metal, acoustic...
Steeo and "Four Eyes in
the Silence" a bebut album from a new italian band.
The Flaming Lips,
"Dark Side Of The Moon? yet, now is the time.
Legend &  "Playing with
the fire" features the band in concert October 1992.
Hawkwind?s first new 
studio album in five years is to be released on 21 June.
Touchstone, "Live In
The USA" first live album powerful musical performance.
Therion is back with new
musicias and their new album titled "Sitra Ahra".
Barclay James
Harvest limited edition Berlin, only 2,000 copies.
Elysium Theory and
their first CD from this amazing prog rock band.
Utopia ?Ice And Knives? a
brand new Prog/Fusion band from Rome, Italy.
Fungus "Better than
Jesus" is back with the second album by this great band.
Stick Men each player
on the band is a virtuoso of prog rock on his instrument(s).
Zaal second effort by
Agostino Macor's band a brilliant keyboard player.
Frogg Cafe announce
its 4th studio release titled "Bateless Edge" on 10T Records.
Comfort for Change
into melodic vocals it´s a great addition to any playlist.
D Drive & their second
release in a special Digi Pak edition, a classic rock band.
Sky Architect can best
be described as symphonic and ambitious.
Cosmopolitics fusing
unique and a new sonic prog rock experience.
Liir Bu Fer, "3 Juno",
the music is a mix between electronic with an acoustic.
Orchestra Panica a
new project from Luca Vicenzi and Francesco Agostini.
King Crimson, Islands,
a limited release  40th Anniversary series.
Ken Hensley & "Love...
and Other Mysteries" his new studio album.
Lava Engine and "In
Limbo" available in it's beautful digipack edition.
ELP, "A Time and a
Place" live through the decades with this 4-CD box set.
Anathema and "Were
Here Because Were Here" the long awaited new album.
Pain of Salvation is
back with a musical journey into a double album.
If...sounds, the release
is the closing of one a new chapter the ?if? era.
Black Noodle project
and "Ready To Go", their fourth studio album.
Karnataka announces
the new album titled as "The Gathering Light".
Aoeria's second album of
exploratory, introspective & melodious prog rock.
Supernal Endgame
with hints of some influences from Kansas, Yes and Styx.
Reasoning, "Adverse
Camber" show the band?s exceptional songwriting.
Edenbrige & "Solitaire",
amazing production comes as a limited digipack.
Spiritual Beggars &
"Return To Zero" their new album in a Digipak edition.
Salute a Sweden band
and their new album titled as ?Heart Of The Machine?.
James Labrie, "Static
Impulse" a distinctive voices in modern Prog Rock.
Conqueror & "Madame
Zelle", show us to the essence of the fourth album.
Sleepy Hollow, delved
deeper into acoustic, heavy metal and prog rock.
Habitat and their new
album, a new trip into the best sympho prog rock style.
Mike Botello was the
former Bassist and front man for the Band Awake.
Roswell Six, "A Line In
The Sand" an innovative crossover project.
Guy Manning and
"Charlestown", the new CD from a great prog rock musician.
Moongarden & "The
Gates of Omega" the best albums from Cristiano Roversi.
Fonderia & their
amazing third album titled as "My grandmother's space suit".
Poois is a special kind of
Metal but the link with the 70's Progressive Rock.
Christina, "Broken Lives
& Bleeding Hearts" album by Magenta front woman.
Colourblind new album
a unique style of progressive / AOR musical style.
Tom Galley the creator
of Phenomena and his solo album title ?Blind Faith?.
Tabula Smaragdina
they are from Hungary, a new amazing prog rock band.
Marco lo Muscio The
Book Of Bilbo And Gandalf taken from Tolkien?s World.
Eris Pluvia, "Third eye
light" have indelibly marked the Italian prog nineties.
Yoso a new band, formed
by famous  and legendary bands of the past 30 years.
Atempo one of the best
prog rock band from Argentina and their new album.
Heart and "Red Velvet
Car" a release of their first new studio album in six years.
Kalaban and "Turn to
Flame" two tracks from 97-98, the last ones from the band.
Mike Keneally and M.
Minnemann's "Evidence of Humanity Today!"
Andragonia & "Secrets
In The Mirror" a brazilian progressive metal band.
The 16 Deadly
Improvs, eclectic and creative sounds.
Esthema, "The Hereness
and Nowness of Things" heavy Eastern European style.
Persephone's Dream
"Pan: An Urban Pastoral" their fifth full-length album.
Future-X, & "Machines,
The Saint & I" a electronic instrumental project.
Lowest of Tides full
of a melancholic movements of dark and heavy rock.
Aquarians, find back
an atmosphere of prog rock of the late 70s.
Kamelot, their new CD
"Poetry For The Poisoned", 3 different versions.
The Dead Wether,
different musical conception in the line of best krautrock.
Images of Eden is a
melodic, progressive hard rock/ metal project.
Crystal Palace, after
two years are proud to present their epic album ?Reset?.
Metaform takes the
listener on an audible journey to the prog rock music.
Yezda Urfa & "Yezda
Urfa Live" a live recording of the reunion of the band.
The Reasoning have
released their new album "Acoustically Speaking".
Object Permanence
prog rock in the spirit of Porcupine Tree, Rush and Tool.
Atomixynergy and a
brand new album with some good heavy prog rock-edged.
Tony MacAlpine?s his
new band and new album on Mascot Records.
Picchio dal pozzo
inspired bands that emerged from Italy's fertile 1970's.
The Nice & "Diamond
Hard Blue Apples of the Moon", Original remastered.
Mytho & "In the Abstract"
a typical Italian melodic progressive rock band.
Nosound reissue of their
debut album titled as "Sol29" including a DVD.
Distant Past proves that
this Studio Project has a lot to offer great Prog Music.
David Minasian, his
debut CD with Andy Latimer as a special guest.
Passover is a prog rock
band that blends symphonic style to jewish/folk.
Aeon Zen will be
releasing a second album entitled "The Face of the Unknown".
Hypnos 69 & "Legacy"
a stunning new album from this interesting Belgian band.
All over Everywhere
classical rock musicians, float in and out of the songs.
Vangough, "Game On!"
a epic and a journey through your favorite video games.
Le orme captured live
on may, 2010 at the Crossroads Live Club in Rome!.
Aranis is a group that
devotes its time to creating an adventurous music.
Beyond - O - Matic,
"Time To Get Up" the CD of S. Francisco's space rock band.
Teodasia is a mixture of
metal and symphonic rock with a soundtrack flavor.
Nichelodeon and "Il
gioco del silenzio" an amazing Dark-Avant-Prog Rock album.
Lorenzo Monni & his
great new CD titled as "Grey Swans of Extremistan".
Permanent On Most
Surfaces an album full of alternative and prog rock.
Happy Body Slow
Brain a Progressive Rock/R&B band.
Elegant Simplicity a
collection of eleven tracks from 10 of recent CDs.
The Wrath of
Vesuvius absolute embodiment of modern music.
Final Conflict and the
album "Stand Up" re-released by Metal Mind.
The Psychedelic
Ensemble released the CD  "The Myth of Dying".
Syrens Call a French
Heavy Prog Metal and their new CD titled "Raging Waters".
Jack Jeffery, "Passage
to Agadir" the album contains a variety of musical styles.
Rational Diet, "On
Phenomena and Existences", unmistakable voice of Olga.
Embassy Of Silence,
"Euphorialight" an atmospheric progressive metal.
Volaño composer
producer Marco Pasillas returns with a second CD.
Djam Karet "The Heavy
Soul Sessions" the music was recorded live-in-studio.
Spock's Beard are
back with a new fantastic and amazing Studio album.
District 97 and "Hybrid
Child" a prog rock band in the style of 70s 'age.
Karnivool & their album
"Sound Awake" a multi - dimensional record.
K2, "Black Garden" an 
epic journey, is the new release from Magna Carta Records.
Poor Genetic
Material one of Germany's most versatile prog-bands.
Tinyfish one of the most
exciting bands on the UK Progressive rock scene.
The dust connection
the album "Trails", a new band in the prog scene.
Sunchild is a unique
blend of many styles including creative musicians.
High Watt
Electrocutions and their new release called "The Bermuda Triangle".
Unwritten Pages,
"Noah" is an album born out for all progressive rock fans.
Echo Us and the album
"Tomorrow Will Tell the story" will be avaliable soon.
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