.......BEST RELEASES FROM 2010/2011
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LAST UPDATE 12/31/2011....
Yes announce new four
albums and 1 DVD box set "Keys To Ascension" out.
Ochtopus and "Niente
Apparente" with a rich formula instrumental color.
Temple of Pain is the
new great project set up by Fabio “Thunder” Bellan.
Ennïs Tóla and "Seed",
is their debut album from this great Australian prog band.
Ciccadaand "A child in
the mirror" a progressive rock band from Athens - Greece.
Eyes Can´t See a
Prog Rock/ Metal band and their Debut album "Phoenix".
When day descends
a great prog rock/metal band from Tasmania, Australia.
Uriah Heep, the Official
Bootleg Volume 2 – Live in Budapest, Hungary.
Day Six has grown to be
one of the amazing prog metal bands in the Netherlands.
Vernian Process a
fusion of modern genres from darkwave to prog rock.
DeeExpus a British prog
band and their  new album "The King Of Number 33".
Soft Machine Legacy
recorded at Posthof, Linz, Austria on 22 October 2009.
Yogi Lang, the voice on
RPWL, will release his solo album "No Decoder".
Klone to all fans of
P.Tree, Devin Townsend, Opeth and Tool.
Half Past Four, if you
like King Crimson, Fluttr Effect, Zappa, Pink Floyd.
Anima Mundi a great
prog rock band from Cuba with a new album "The Way".
Gazpacho are again
with another CD finished and titled as "Missa Atropos".
Chaos Calling mixing
styles such as  Prog Rock and Groove Metal.
Funin, are a 7 man
orchestra, the most interesting bands from Bergen.
Angra a Braziilan power
metal band and their new studio album titled as "Aqua".
King's X, "Tales from the
Empire" recorded live at the Empire Concert Club.
Galbatron's music
features full use of the synths with dense arrangements.
Salem Hill album that
moves beyond the subtleties of their previous albums.
Astarte Syriaca an
epic story told by a band that plays prog-metal.
Delusion Squared a
prog rock band delivering a stunning sci-fiction story.
Believe return with their
fourth studio album entitled “World Is Round”.
Serpentina Satelite
an amazing South America band and their new album.
Anonymous Bosch is
a new prog rock/metal band from Windsor, Ontario.
Oho full of hook-laden
melody, more than can be found on most albums.
Ghiribizzi returned to Studio and released their third CD "Circuit Rewiring".
Yugen and "Iridule", it´s
their new CD, musically and a typically Italian rock.
Heavy Water E. by the
former member  "Imogene" debut album.
Pictures of Pain is a
great melodic metal band with a unique sound and style.
Moon Safari and their
last album "Lover`s End", an amazing prog rock band.
Bun Chakeze great
Pink Floyd inspired and beautiful musical ambient.
Livesay 3rd release,
featuring Dean Sternberg (Into Eternity, Toby Knapp).
The Rhythmi Sodd
prog rock in style of Zappa to King Crimson.
Forgotten Suns first
EP ever released by the band a special for band's fans.
Little Big Fat, energetic
and soulful, bending jamscapes planted in rock.
Kudzumind and their
album "Travel Songs for the New and Improved Future".
Exhibit A & "Make Mine
a Lobster" if you like Pallas, IQ, Pendragon and Frost.
Quaser's a compilation
from '94-'03 CDs remastered and is now on sale.
Dialeto is Bela Bartók
meets King Crimson and Jimi Hendrix and goes wild.
Glass Hammer is back
with a new lineup and an album of epic prog tracks.
Agents of Mercy and
"Dramarama" more groove and rockin' than debut CD.
Introvisión blends the
essence of the 70's with a modern and emotional trip.
Fish On Friday and
"Shoot the Moon" nice melodic progressive rock.
Soul Killing Female,
atmospheric, prog sludge- metal band from Winnipeg.
SBB, a legend of Polish
music scene and their new studio album "Blue Trance".
Trioxyde celebrates its
20th years, a quartet founded in 1990 in Montreal.
Arjen Lucassen's
"Victims Of The Modern Age" a second album.
The Windmill melodic
Prog, in line of Arena, IQ, Pendragon Camel etc.
Geordie and "Save The
World", their famous third album now was repressing.
Le vite parallele,
"Dimensioni solari" a sensational band discovery.
Factory of Dreams
3rd album is complete and will be available Jan. 2011.
Garybaldi and tracks that
was meant to be included in their Gleemen debut.
The Resistanse's self
titled debut album has a refined prog rock style.
Toxic Smile this means
a blend of art rock with powerful progressive rock metal.
Slivovitz their core
material arrives from the folk knees-ups of the Balkan.
The Shadow Theory
a new great band around the world.
Il Tempio delle
Clessidre is a new amazing Italian prog rock band.
Lebowski, founded in 
2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressiver rock music.
Han Uil singer and guitar
player will release his new album "Dark In Light".
Champagne Blvd &
their new album titled such as "The Immortality Paradox".
TenMidight a heart that
keeps on beating with the help of the Moog's sound.
The Road, "Monomyth"
that´s sounding in style of King Crimson and Pink Floyd.
Euthymia debut album
is a rock opera that combines the best prog rock traditions.
Saulo Battesini & his
debut instrumental CD titled as "Scored Fractals".
Pavlov's Dog an
emotional Classic -Prog Rock, with folk influence.
Karfagen and "Solitary
Sandpiper Journey" a new trip by this amazing band.
Finn Arild & the album
"Testament" a Sympho Prog Rock style from Norway.
Invertigo for all fans of
Marillion, Genesis, Pendragon, Yes, Satellite...
Fabio Zuffanti and
Hostsonaten, a new album titled as "Summereve".
Ole Lukkøye is a great
ethno- trance- prog- rock band from Russia.
Greg Wollan a classic
prog rock epic, the artist's spiritual journey.
Syndone are a historic,
amazing and inspired Italian prog rock music group.
Aries and a new CD by 
an amazing and great musician called Fabio Zuffanti.
Revivor are Irish prog
rock music their fourth impressive concept album.
Carptree and "Nymf" a
sequel to Insekt and the next step in the musical evolution.
Koi are an amazing
Swedish band with a Heavy Melodic prog Rock style.
Forever Twelve is a
five-piece prog rock band based in Los Angeles, CA.
Ofsoski & the album
"The Next Dance" first class Melodic metal from Australia.
Dave Sinclair, deep,
powerful and a beautiful "Canterbury" style.
Slaves To Fashion is
releasing a new album titled "Artistic Differences".
Combination Head
the third album from this great progressive rock UK band.
Big Big Train will
release an special EP titled as "Far Skies Deep Time".
Coalition a UK sympho
prog rock band and their album In "Search of Forever".
Zip Tang are proud to announce their third CD entitled "Feed Our Heads". Lunatic Soul II, the
second solo album from Mariusz Duda - Riverside.
Appleseed a Poland
band and their album "Night in Digital Metropolis".
Slychosis and "Mental
Hygiene" a neo-prog / prog rock artist from united states.
Twinspirits Italian prog
metal band return with their third album "Legacy".
Robert J. Godfrey
(The Enid) previously only released on vinyl in the UK.
Porcupine Tree classic
rarity album available on vinyl for the first time.
Artok, "Above Ground",
eleven songs rounds out this great Prog Rock album.
No Second Thought
a mixer between P. Tree, Alice In Chains and Rage Against.
Labirinto di Specchi
Paul Carella, the novelist and poet of Pholas Dactylus.
Too Smooth's long
awaited release of old studio recordings.
Electric Furnace new
three piece metal rock band based South Wales.
Everlasting Arms a
melodic and symphonic progressive Christian rock.
Oriya four piece from
Seattle mixing the sound of heavy rock with melody.
Poor Genetic
Material & "Island Noises" a double concept CD.
Gudars Skymning in
the style of , B. Sabbath, D. Purple and others from 70's.
Cosmic trip Machine
showing a new direction, a synthesis of the synthesis.
The Rick Ray Band
and a very intense and passion filled 13 track CD.
Pandora released their
new amazing CD "Sempre e Ovunque Oltre Il sogno".
Fatal Fusion five
musicians from Drammen, Follo and Hurum-area.
Leap Day's 2nd studio 
CD "Skylge's Lair" will be released at February 2011.
Dropshard a new Italian
Prog Rock band an the album "Anywhere But Home".
Vanishing Point is a
very talented Australian sympho heavy metal band.
Uriah Heep & their new
album "Into the Wild" scheduled for release April.
Jefferson Airplane
recorded at Del Mar Fairgrounds in CA on June, 09.
Yoke Shire and a new
album, a collection of traditional Irish songs.
Steve Hillage and a
great album "Live At The Gong Unconvention 2006".
Axon Neuron is a rock
band with a lot of jazz and classical influences.
Stolen Memories a
Prog Metal band and the album "The Strange Order".
MSA Project a link to a
new French hard prog rock metal you might enjoy.
PFM and "Amico Faber"
new packaging for collectors for the already released.
Van Der Graaf
Generator and the album "A Grounding In Numbers".
Ben Levin Group,
"Pulse of a Nation", 40 minute of a power, heavy music.
Quorum is a neo-pro rock
band formed in 2003 in the style of Rush, Autograf, Genesis.
In Progress and "Signal
Failure" a debut album by US experimental rock act.
Hollow Earth finally
their new album is completely original material.
Phaedra and their debut
CD, ambitious concept CD, an imaginative prog rock.
Edensong is a great
mixture of symphonic progressive, heavy and folk.
Ifsounds a pleasant
sinfonic prog with english lyrics and female vocalist.
Red Zen 54 minutes of
diabolical rhythms, guitars and keyboards.
Whitesnake new album
you can pre-order the digital version in March 29.
Tinkicker new CD titled
as "The Playground at the Edge of the Abyss".
Gandalf's Fist the prog
folk-rock journey released their new album.
Infront announce their
new album "Inescapable" is out now on the label Mals.
Pendragon is nearing
completion and is sounding absolutely fantastic.
Jose Carballido's
"Requiem" that merges in a great musical elements.
Magnum and the brand
new album titled as "The Visitation" including also a DVD.
The Watch, "Timeless"
If you like early Genesis, then this band are essential.
Majestic and an exciting
lineup produced by Jeff Hamel and their new album.
Atrium and "2011" is the
title of an ambitious symphonic prog rock album.
Forgotten Door and
"Unlocked", with strong lyrics and driving melodies.
Long Distance
Calling acts like P. Floyd, Zeppelin,  Perfect Circle...
Pavlov's Dog and "Live
And Unleashed" with David Surkamp's unique voice.
Alex Carpani & "The
Sanctuary" a release after acclaimed first album.
Life Line Project is
back with a new album titled as "Distorted Memories".
Syne project was born in
09 form the mind of talented musician F. Marchisio.
X Opus a new symphonic
prog metal band and their debut album "The Epiphany".
Lars Boutrup and his
second album "The Symphonic Dream".
From.uzand a new great
double album including a DVD "Quartus Artifactus".
Amity In Fame plays
acoustic rock, blending art rock and prog rock.
Aztlan Underground
native instrumentation with prog rock and jazz.
Steve Hackett Live
Rails captures the full Electric Band at their best!
An Handful of Dust is
an alternative metal band from Tarcento, Udine, Italy.
Balletto Di Bronzo
first time ever vinyl release of two extraordinary documents.
Nuova Era reminiscent
of the great lesson of the famous Italian prog rock.
Magic Pie a great prog
rock band and their album "The Suffering Joy".
The Moonband they
are very well orientated on the American Folk style.
Mogador from Italy,
their second album titled "All I Am Is Of My Own Making".
Sean Filkins his debut
solo CD "War And Peace & Other Short Stories".
The One Through
Tens are quickly gaining a reputation in Nashville.
Life Line Project with
4 original extra tracks, Vocals by Marion Stroetinga.
Myland an AOR/Hardrock 
band announce their CD "Light Of A New Day".
Paatos and "Breathing"
their fifth CD was recorded between 2008 and 2010.
Paolo Siani &
friends a new concept CD by Nuova Idea drummer.
Pär Lindh Project
band that focus on keyboard is back with a new album.
Alberto Rigoni returns
with his new amazing solo album titled as "Rebirth".
Vermillion Skye it
remains true to the band's distinctive story-telling style.
Blackfield, "Welcome
To My DNA' new CD by Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen.
Liquid Horizon prog
rock metal with melodic vocal lines and heavy guitar.
Lag I Run will release
their debut album titled as "Sunlight Scars" very soon.
Uncolored Wishes is
great Prog rock metal and the CD "World Under Control".
Auspex a Symphonic
Prog Rock Metal band and their album "Heliopause".
Greylevel crafts a
unique blend of progressive rock and emotional rock music.
Huw Lloyd - Langton
a new album from the Hawkwind guitarist and his company.
Sacred Dawn and "A
Madness Within" Epic, Dark "Prog Metal" Album.
Ommatidia and their
new amazing and creative epic dark melodic metal album.
Odin's Court an
inspiration such as P. Floyd, OSI, I. Maiden, P. Tree.
Trettioariga Kriget is
back with a new amazing CD titled as "Efter efter".
Beardfish, "Mammouth",
they will be release their 6th studio album very soon.
Third Candle their 
album is comprised of a new hard rock sound.
Herd of Instinct's debut
cd is completed and will be released in 2011.
The Isaac Merz 
Band a dynamic CD "Love Sins and Strings Attached".
Appleby Castle a new
solid rock album featuring a wide range of Melody.
Le Orme reborn and
return every time the most extraordinary than ever.
Hippopotamus "Square Pegs Round Holes" is a high energy album.
Gran Turismo
Veloce the strength of the Italian melodic tradition.
Karda Estra new album
"New Worlds" 12 futurist nostalgia instrumental tracks.
Caprycon is a new and
amazing female fronted prog rock metal band.
Aldo Tagliapietra
double CD for Le Orme lead vocalist and bass player.
Lionville is a band with
high profile project dedicated to pure AOR music.
Fuseboxx band explores
the complexities of modern progressive rock music.
Aqueous is a oriented
jans progressive rock band full of  musical improvisation.
Manooghi Hi combines
powerful CD oriented rock with nice Indian rhythms.
Symfonia and "In
Paradisum" progressive metal with hints of prog.
The Meantime a prog
rock suite about the life and death of the sun.
Lionel Ziblat & "Songs
From The Drawer" a rock and folklore music.
Vinsky Project,
"Acquire the Taste", if you like G. Giant and J. Tull.
Wicked Minds confirm
their brilliant attitude to a perfect 70s feeling.
Sky Cries Mary
"Taking The Stage" a collection of impressive songs.
Doogie White and his
amazing debut solo album titled as "As Yet Untitled".
Inneriot a progressive
hard- rock group known for writing interesting arrangements.
Felipe Gonzalez a
great album with big production from this Metal Band.
Tuomas Wäinölä in
the line of S. Vai, S. Morse, Malmsteen and G. Moore.
Zen Rock and Roll is
back with their third album titled as "Undone".
Fen, "Trails Out of Gloom"
fusing elements of alternative rock and prog rock metal.
Dorian Opera a epic
concept studio album of the German prog metal band.
Rob Parhizkar's debut
CD is prog journey into murder mystery.
The Rhythmi Sodd a
prog rock, fusion and their album "Raw Material".
Morild Inspired by Camel,
Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and Mike Oldfield.
Lisa LaRue, the new
album titled 2KX, "Fast and Blue" is now available.
Pluto & The Planets,
a norwegian group in the style of Genesis, Yes.
Sebastien a melodic
power metal band with symphonic and prog influences.
Geysir is a new name
into the style of psychedelic progressive rock band.
Also Eden a acclaimed
second album from this British progressive rock band.
NeraNature debut solo
album by Nera, the vocalist of the Polish band Darzamat.
Suspyre developed a
perfect prog metal rock with a varied musical inspiration.
Sky Architect is a new
prog rock-band consisting of five young gentlemen.
Riverside has prepared
a special EP entitled "Memories In My Head".
Phideaux, Snowtorch"
nice melodies with heavy instrumental passages.
Alyson Avenue a AOR
Hard Rock band and their album called "Changes".
After and "Live At Home"
it contains the best tracks from both studio albums.
Fabio Zuffanti solo CD
"La Foce Del Ladrone" a new beautiful prog music.
The Aurora
Observatory are an epic and amazing prog rock band.
Android Meme new
album on Magna Carta in the genre of rock metal.
The Lifeline creates a
symphonic prog rock, epic sound with a bit of edge.
Accordo dei Contrari
long awaited second album from this Italian fusion band.
NewBreed a prog rock
metal band from Poland and their self-titled material.
Runaway Totem the
album consists of 2 long suite and a short in terplay.
Nine Stones Close &
their fantastic new symphonic album "Traces".
Yes the world's greatest
prog rock band and their new CD "Fly From Here".
Abrete Gandul are a
Chilean quartet that comes back with a new AltrOck CD.
Sun Caged a prog
metal band and their third release "The Lotus Effect".
Flower Kings live
audio release from the reigning kings of prog rock.
RanestRane new CD
"Shining", in the line of PFM, BMS, Genesis, Marillion.
Yugen on the edge
between Henry Cow, King Crimson and Frank Zappa.
October Equus and
"Saturnal" an amazing Spanish prog rock act.
Mothership a futuristic
classic rock D. Purple, Dream Theater and Led Zeppelin.
Ske is the first solo album
by keyboard player from bands Yugen and French TV.
Jarle Holsen in the
style of Deep Purple, Greg Howe, Yngwie Malmsteen...
Foolsbane is a great
prog rock band based out of the great state of Idaho.
Mandalaband the
2nd of the new concept CDs is finally released after four years.
Amartia come back with
the best songs of their previous album "In A Quiet Place".
Taurus and "Opus II:
Impressions" released physically and digitally.
Legend and "Cardinal
Points" If you like Jethro Tull, Nightwish and Rush.
Astralia band after more
than 10 years is back with a new and marvelous CD "Osmosis".
The Healing Road is
the instrumental project led by keyboardist HansPeter.
Transit Method is an
amazing rock n' roll group out of Princeton, New Jersey.
Empty Yard
Experiment an atmospheric experimental progressive rock music.
Blue Mammoth and
their debut self-titled CD with up to 1h03 min long.
Doracor an amazing
italian symphonic prog rock band with a new album.
Anima Morte plays a
music inspired by the classic Italian horror "Goblin".
Grönholm is now 
joining Finland's impressive metal scene.
The Mercury Tree
just released a new full-length CD called Pterodactyls.
D'accorD are out with
the "difficult" amazing 2nd album titled as "Helike".
Gandalf's Fist is the
creative idea between Dean Marsh and Luke Severn.
Sons Of Nothing and
Green & Grey in the style of Marillion and P. Tree.
Arabs in Aspic, Strange
Frame of Mind emerged in 1997 from Norway.
Tin Spirits, "Wired To
Earth" a debut album from Swindon Prog Rock quartet.
The D Project is back
with a new amazing album titled as "Big Face".
Konchordat are a
majestic prog rock project based in Margate in Kent.
Zebulon Pike and their
new and fourth progressive rock and dark album.
Time Horizon and
"Living Water" amazing christian prog rock music.
Steam Theory the
music is instrumental Prog rock with bits of fusion.
By Blood Alone
melodic  prog rock metal and a new CD "Thunderbirds".
Karmakanic, unique
musical personalities without sounding mismatched.
Comedy Of Errors a
style where Floyd meets the Court of the Gentle Giant.
Three Monks are a
unique pipe-organ focused prog rock band from Arezzo.
La coscienza di Zeno
an elegant blend of sympho prog to hard rock.
Unified Past a North
American prog band and their new album "Observations".
White Willow return
after a five year absence with a album "Terminal Twilight".
Stolnecker just recorded
their debut full length CD entitled "Seize The Day".
TCP releases their second
album on 10T Records entitled "Fantastic Dreamer".
Solstice Coil a fusion
between emotional and intellectual prog rock.
Derek Sherinian a
keyboard- magus is back with a new CD titled as "Oceana".
Everwood, "Without
Saving" third studio cd of this melodic rock/metal band.
Solaris a band from
Bulgari features nine progressive rock metal compositions.
Cold new CD of melodic
hard rock, a vibrant storytelling with elegant rock.
The Inner Road are a
symphonic instrumental progressive rock band.
Steven Wilson and
"Grace For Drowning" the new solo double album.
Majestic and their new
album "Labyrinth", Prog Metal into the best style.
Shades Of Dawn is a
German symphonic Prog rock band from Düsseldorf.
Cosmograf is a prog
rock project in 70s genre lead by Robin Armstrong.
Azazello and
"Transformation" one of the oldest and most great bands of it's genre.
Jon Anderson, after
some years his master CD "Survival And Other Stories".
Mostly Autumn from
the Prog stage at the High Voltage festival 2011.
Strawbs - "Hero &
Heroine In Ascencia" amazing record of the band's 74.
Moraine "Metamorphic
Rock" a blazing performance from this band.
Mind's End a Hard rock
n roll with mindful lyrics and was written as an album.
Eumeria, this album is
sure to raise the eyebrows of even the toughest of critics.
Styx will have its entire
career encapsulated within the 16 tracks of Regeneration.
Golden Stellar
Pyramid has influences from ancient Egypt.
Aygan, formed in 2003
with a group of young musicians from São Paulo.
Kansas is back with "The
Prophets Have Spoken" a european Summer Tour.
Maschera Di Cera
remastered edition in a deluxe gatefold papersleeve.
Omni are a symphonic
prog rock band in the style of Bloque, Cai, Atila, Iceberg.
Frequency Drift,
"Personal Effects" songs connected by a different theme.
Agents Of Mercy in
the style of symphonic, jazz and folk and a new album.
Circa featuring former T.
Kaye and B. Sherwood have released their fourth album.
Garden Wall band and
their highest creative eighth album titled as "Assurdo".
Man On Fire, amazing
Prog band announce to the world their new album.
The Fierce And The
Dead, "If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving...".
Enloom an instrumental
rock band fusing experimental and folk sounds.
Pure Sweet Hell has
once been described as a "Horror, Goth, Death Metal band.
Gazpacho amazing
double CD recorded on the 2011 Missa Atropos tour.
Sigur Rós and their
special edition definitive live experience called "Inni".
Quantum Sphere
creating an great fusion of prog, jazz, metal sound.
Phantasm is a great
progressive rock new trio based in Philadelphia.
ZXY is a truly reminiscent
of the?70?s and has all the right moves and grooves.
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