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LAST UPDATE 12/30/2012....
Galahad "Two Classic
Rock Lives" their first live album recorded in Rotherham.
Nog Cavanagh a 55
minute excursion into inner great space music.
Minutian are a
progressively inclined rock / metal group based in Helsinki.
Tune a Poland prog rock
band announces their debut album.
After and their third
studio album by this great Polish progressive rock band.
Yes, a World's Greatest
Progressive Rock Band to release new Live CD/DVD.
Trip Wave a Russian
psyc/prog music a history as it developed a long time.
Scott Mosher and
Oceans of Night an ambient progressive metal band.
The Anabasis
featuring Ryo Okumoto, release a debut album.
Adrian Weiss is the
guitarist of the Prog Metal Band Forces At Work.
Unitopia will be
releasing a concept project titled as "Covered Mirror".
Furyu, "Cio Che L'Anima
Non Dice" full of moods and human emotions.
Sungrazer is a Dutch
heavy rock three piece formed in the beginning of 2009.
Air & Air an band from
Bangladesh, released their first instrumental album.
Orion's Departure, a
combination of psych, prog and smooth rock.
Ivory Gates and "The
Devil's Dance," released in Brazil last 08, 06, 2011.
Dec Burke, "Paradigms
& Storylines" new CD from ex-Darwin's Radio and Frost.
Trey Gunn's seminal
release "The Third Star", re-mastered with six bonus.
Arrayan Path released
their amazing third album titled as "Ira Imperium".
Daedalus, "Motherland"
is the third album by the Italian prog rock metal band.
Vangough "Kingdom
Of Ruin", musically influenced by older 70's prog rock acts.
Solstice, "Kindred
Spirits", first live CD since "The Cropredy Set" in 1998.
Farpoint and a new CD
on 10T Records, a independent band for over 12 years.
Yesterdays & "Colours
Caffé" a prog rock album with a nice touch of many styles.
Klan one of Poland's first
genuine rock bands, is a legend almost instantly.
Owl is a fusion of prog
rock and heavy metal in the vein of modern bands.
Clepsydra was formed 
in 2002 by two old friends, Fabio Di Gialluca and D. Ricci.
Nexus a recopilation of
metaphorical songs on Dante's Divine Comedy.
Luz de Riada and
"Cuentos y Fábulas" a instrumental quartet.
Acid Empire is a project
founded by contemporary composer Mike Bridge.
Brighteye Brison and
the new album "The Magician Chronicles - Part I".
X-Panda and "Flight Of
Fancy" a pure musical journey of progressive metal style.
Rare Earth Live album 
captures the real scene of the band's music from 70's.
Cannata "Arc Angel"
classic Melodic Hard Rock Re-Issue including a bonus track.
Little Tragedies a
Russian band with a variable number of musicians.
MoeTar's Magna Carta
Records debut album "From These Small Seeds".
Garybaldi and their
CD "Live in Bloom" it´s an amazing greatest tracks.
Sebastian Hardie
now is back after going their separate ways in the late '70's.
Xanadu is a fantastic
new prog rock band from poland in the style of Riverside.
Knight Area is proud to
announce their new fantastic album "Nine Paths".
Leash Eye & their new
album by the Polish band released by Metal Mind.
Steve Hackett and his
new  album "Beyond The Shrouded Horizon".
Sonja Kristina & new
solo album, she is a sensual and soulful performer.
The Reasoning "Live
in USA" the first ever live CD from this great band.
Patrick Hemer and his
amazing album titled as More Than Meets The Eye.
Mantra Sunrise is a
California prog rock band in the line of Yes and P. Floyd.
Art Rock Circus an
amazing Prog Rock Opera performed Live.
Airbag finally, the 2nd
album from Norwegian atmospheric progressive rock band.
Mars Hollow & "World 
In Front Of Me" a new trip by this great prog band.
Alÿ has put some of the
70's prog rock, moving into 80's power progressive.
Red Bazar performing
original, powerful, melodic, instrumental rock.
Subsignal originally 
intended as a side project by the former Sieges Even.
Flor de Loto and
"Imperio de Cristal" an amazing prog rock band from Peru.
Wishbone Ash,
"Elegant Stealth", a brand new CD from this great band.
Zerothehero finally,
it's out! this long-awaited debut solo project album.
Airs ? A Rock Opera
is packed with 74 min of great and emotional music.
Lana Lane and her most
powerful release to date, "El Dorado Hotel".
Alias Eye "In-Between"
the songs are more in tune with their first and great album.
Soul Secret and their
second studio album by Italian progressive metal band.
Spock's Beard the
bands superb concert "Live At High Voltage 2011".
Paidarion Finnish
symphonic prog group with a wonderful 20-page booklet.
Arena new release "The
Seventh Degree Of Separation" a Special Edition.
ARZ releases their new
album, "Turn of the Tide" on Canadian label Unicorn.
Rovescio Della
Medaglia new album, an italian progressive rock band.
Nitewalk every song
have the power of metal with a heart of darkness.
Glass Prism featuring
some classic songs from their earlier recordings.
Phoenix Again a great
discovery! the band was formed as Phoenix.
Jack Jeffery in this
follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Passage to Agadir".
Nauticus, "The Wait" is a
seven song concept album with eight tracks on it.
Jeff Aug and his 5th solo
album, sets a new world record at the same time.
Chest Rockwell & the
album "Laugh and the World Laughs with You".
Summer Breeze
Project a Dutch progrock and their new CD.
Lunatic Soul new CD
"Impressions" a solo project by Mariusz Duda.
Ah Pook The
Destroyer focusing on an H.P. Lovecraft short story.
Doogie White & La
Paz and "Granite" release by Metal Mind.
Bartosz Ogrodowicz
a solo artist performing symphonic prog rock.
Discipline, new studio
release from Detroit's premiere prog rock band.
Gazpacho and "March
Of Ghosts" is the band's follow-up to "Missa Atropos".
Oceans Of Time is a
hard rock melodic rock pagins mind progressive rock.
Amadeus Awad a
Beirut- based Prog Art Rock guitarist and composer.
Montresor are a four
piece instrumental prog band hailing from Melbourne.
Outopsya, Experimental,
avant-rock, prog-metal, Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Genesis.
Echo Us and "Tomorrow
Will Tell The Story" reflects higher planes of reality...
The Maier Project is
a progressive rock music with strong melodic songs.
Hans San Juan the
debut rock opera to take you on a musical journey.
Kotebel a Spain's Prog
Rock legends released highly anticipated new CD.
SBB, a legendary
prog rock band from Poland, return with new CD.
Barrett Elmore was
founded by Max Karlström and W. Friman in 2008.
Prisma are a progressive
rock metal, a Swiss Rockquartett, was formed in 2004.
Mothlite and "Dark Age"
is the brainchild of Daniel O?Sullivan from Ulver.
Six Elements sympho
prog rock from Atlanta founded in 2007.
TEE, "Trans - Europe
Expression" a five piece flute-front progressive rock band.
InVertigo this means a
blend of art rock, prog rock and amazing neo-prog styles.
Lillian Axe, the fans
have been waiting a very long time for a new album.
Flying Colors, a
virtuoso prog rock band, featuring Mike Portnoy.
Children In Paradise
inspired by "Atmospheric - Prog Rock - Celtic music".
Coalition are a amazing
and fantastic UK based symphonic prog rock band.
Gandalf's Project the
sounds now it is a progressive rock/ ambient.
AsZension are a
Canadian instrumental prog  rock band formed in 2007.
Metamorfosi and the
album titled as "La chiesa delle stelle - Live in Rome".
Peter Hammill and his
thirtieth solo studio album with original songs.
Curt Shaw's long
awaited 2nd release featuring intense guitar shredding.
In Realm, "Open the
Flood Gates" a musical journey composed by the band.
Aethellis and their new
album "Northumbria" an amazing progressive rock music.
Nebuleyes project
started in 1999, with Benjamin and Xavier Boscher.
The Addiction
Dream is a synth rock trio emerging out of Portland.
Janus were formed in
Rome in 1975 in the right wing political movements.
Citizen Cain's sixth and
most powerful release is titled as "Skies Darken".
Points North & "Road
Less Traveled" spearheaded by guitarist Eric Barnett.
Raven Sad and "Layers
of Stratosphere", a very emotional sound.
RPWL and "Beyond Man
And Time" will be different to other RPWL albums.
Portuguese prog rock releases their debut album "Ignition".
Purple and soaring
melodies with amazing, great and intricate rhythms.
Edison's Children &
"In the Last Waking Moments... it´s a fine album.
Timo Laine powerful
guitar sound that rewarded Symphonic Slams success.
OHMphrey a supergroup
featuring three members of Umphrey's McGee.
Crisalida the well known
S. American prog band is about to release "Solar".
Beyond the Bridge
and their amazing album "The Old Man and The Spirit".
Moon Safari, "The
Gettysburg Address" an excellent double live CD.
Paradise Lost is the 
13th studio CD from band also titled as "Tragic Idol".
Rush the band's 20th
studio album titled such as "Clockwork Angels".
Macroscream is a
symphonic prog rock new ensemble came from Italy.
Alphataurus and "Live
in Bloom" in 2010, after over 35 years of silence.
Stereokimono and
their last new album titled as "Intergalactic Art Cafè".
Steam Theory is a
baltimore based project performs prog rock.
Tiresia Raptus a band
dedicated to darker side of psyche, wave and metal.
Stare North a powerful
melodic, rock music with a healthy helping of guitar.
Pyramidal, "Dawn in
Space" in the line of Can, B. Sabbath and Hawkwind.
Mysticity and their new
album titled as "Ambassadors of the Hidden Sun".
Colin Tench Project
CTP which features an all special star cast musicians.
Akin new album, a prog
rock metal with a string quartet from France.
Moebius Cat and "End
of Time" new CD release a journey in space and time.
Stevegane Project
"When The Time is A Present" an instrumental CD.
Nexus came from
Argentina with a new amazing and fantastic new album.
Teodasia and the album
"Upwards" for fans of Epica, Evanescence and Nightwish.
Locanda Delle Fate
and their new album titled as "The Missing Fireflies".
All Too Human, the
new album "Juggernaut", more melodic song structure.
Locanda Delle Fate
and their another album titled as "Live in Bloom".
Motorfingers is an
Italian modern hard rockers band and their new album.
Balloon Astronomy
debut album features some talenteds musicians.
Arjen Anthony
Lucassen new CD "Lost In The New Real".
Fabio Zuffanti & their
new great project titled as  "L'Ombra Della Sera".
Ivan Mihaljevic & his
new prog metal CD "Destination Unknown".
IZZ's new studio album,
"Crush of Night", scheduled for release on May 1s.
Anathema, "Weather
Systems" new studio album from this great band.
Astra, "The Black Chord",
the sublime and indeed the genuinely progressive.
Overhead's long 
awaited fourth album titled "Of Sun and Moon" in June.
Sylvan epic songs,
brilliant keyboards and amazing guitar sounds.
Skysent LU a hard rock
band, released their CD "2 Seconds Late".
Marc Blackwell's
music playing on TV his album, "Bring Me Trouble".
Amherst Aisle & their
album "Man Among Gods" a newest piano rock album.
Pet Shark is a prog rock,
instrumental band from Orange County, California.
Curved Air and their
powerful new alive album produced by Marvin Ayres.
Stabat Akish an
eccentric jazz-rock and a pinch of psychedelia.
Asia and the CD "XXX"
will be released on CD, collector's edition CD/DVD.
Steve Hillman
remastered version of 1996 on the UK Cyclops Records.
Maier Project ten new
songs have been created after a long period of work.
Hostsonaten "The
Rime of the Ancient Mariner" a new CD by F. Zuffanti.
Delusion Squared in
the style of Anathema, P. Tree and Riverside.
Carpe Nota, an prog
rock combining heavy hard rock elements.
Rick Miller "Dark
Dreams" in the genre of what I would call Prog Rock.
Galahad, "Battle Scars"
to celebrate their 25 years making amazing music.
Torman Maxt continues
to provide brilliant hard rock to the masses.
The Tea Club new CD
Rabbit" influenced by early seventies prog rock.
Landmarq special
edition to give band's fans something extra.
Quidan "Saiko" is the
sixth full-length studio album by this great Poland band.
Headspace debut CD "I
Am Anonymous" tipped to be one the best CD.
Dimension Act are a
new and amazing Norwegian melodic prog metal band.
Ian Pellow brilliant CD
bringing you an intricate weave of Rock and Jazz music.
Little Purple Circles
plays prog music with accessible modern elements.
Proto-Kaw are very
pleased to announce their great latest studio album.
Evil Masquerade is a
band in the line of Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow.
Distorted Hamrony
and "Breathe" a new Progressive Metal Band from Israel.
The John Irvine Band
brings you Prog Jazz-Rock sounds from the mind.
Forward Shapes is a
unique blend of symphonic prog rock with metal's energy.
Mind plays the kind of
music that you will be transported to another prog rock world.
inspired musicians dedicated to the art of prog.
Curt Shaw and "Silent
Assassin" a prog rock metal into a symphonic style.
Kosmoratik is a musical
project with an ambition to explore complex themes.
Forces At Work and
their new great album titled as "Straight" is out now.
Quasar lux
Simphoniae is back with a new concept progressive rock album.
Daal are back and one of
the most eclectic bands from Italy in recent years.
Renaissance and their
new amazing and fantastic studio album "Grandine il Vento".
The Cassini Projekt
an intense mix of hard rock, prog rock and metal.
Zulik Project, we highly
recommend you listen with headphones.
Ocean Architecture
"Animus" a musical entity that tells an unfolding story.
Tangle Edge and their
special Box set 3 albums release titled as "Dropouts".
Minerals an alternative
rock band will release their debut album "White Tones".
Monjoie and "Affetto e
Attrazione" an incredible journey full of imagination.
Subarachnoid Space in
the style for fans of Pink Floyd, Pelican and Amon Duul II.
Frequency Drift one
of the great insiders' tips of Germany's Prog Scene.
Stormy Six it´s a great
Italian prog rock band a classic album is finally back.
Plastic Overlords is a
new band with a modern prog rock and their debut album.
Quo Vadis musically,
the CD will impress both the fans of Death and Prog metal.
VirtuosiX comes from
Argentina, and was born as a Prog Heavy Metal band.
Magnolia and "La zona
d'ombra" a concept album of this great Roman band.
Gatto Marte's CD marks
a return to some of the the ensemble's values.
Adrenaline Mob the
drummer Mike Portnoy and his new super group.
Banco del Mutuo
Soccorso and a fantastic Boxed double vinyl album.
Kata a conceptual
collective of dark beautiful sounds with deep attention.
Mr Gil and his fourth
studio album a project led by Mirek Gil (ex-Collage, Believe).
Siren's Cry a powerful
mix between prog virtuosity and symphonic finesse.
XII Alfonso featuring
musicians of Supertramp, P. Floyd Camel and Oldfield.
American Hollow with
musical styles ranging from Mogwai to Zeppelin to Tool.
Time's Forgotten will
take you to a mysterious and futuristic feel.
Seti and the album "Live
One Giant Leap" album now available for preorder.
Marc Carlton is a multi
talented musician playing atmospheric music.
Six Elements and their
new EP "IF", an Atlanta prog rock band.
Beardfish are now back
with a new CD, "The Void" will be released on August.
Eternal Essence was
formed in the spring of 2004 as an instrumental band.
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