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LAST UPDATE 07/30/2018....
The Illumion is a
sympho prog rock music with definite feminine edges.
Life Line Project and
the new wondwerful CD titled as "20 Years After".
Slychosis is a Neo-Prog
band from Mississippi, and the CD "Fractured Eye".
Red Orchid first full- 
length album an ambitious and adventerous project.
Weend'O and their new
fantastic cd titled as "You Need To Know Yourself".
Van Der Graaf
Generator one of the best and most popular bands.
Mimi Burns Band is a
prog rock group with elements from irish music style.
Galahad announce their
latest album "Beyond the Realms of Euphoria".
Änglagård and "Viljans
Öga" a new album from this great prog rock band.
Coralspin's progressive
rock epics and beautiful music with nice ballads.
Steve Cochrane
singing like Geddy, lyrics like Neil, guitar like Alex.
Karcius and the new
album a must have for all Progressive Rock and Art Rock fans.
Unwritten Pages and
thde new prog metal album "Fringe Kitchen".
Autumn Whispers
music, poetic rock with prog and classical elements.
Rick Wakeman and
"In The Nick of Time" a new music journey.
Simeon Soul
Charger is an American psychedelic prog rock band.
Dewolff  "DeWolff IV"
one of the  amazing and great actual band.
Aldo Tagliapietra
new album in limited numbered vinyl, 999 copies.
Ornithos "La Trasfigura-
zione" and a cast of established musicians.
Pyramidal is a Prog
Psychedelic  Space Rock band from Alicante, Spain.
Quaterna Réquiem is
proud to release their new album titled such as "O Arquiteto".
The Approach & The
Execution blending Metal and Prog Rock Genres.
Jeremy and the new
amazing album titled as "From The Dust To The Stars".
Stormy Atmosphere
comes from Israel a vibrant new prog rock metal band.
Vitruvian Man are a
modern prog rock band hailing from Australia.
Reserve De Marche
full of Classic rock, heavy riffs, and sensuous melodies.
Syrek is dark, textural
heavy rock inspired by Tool, Pink Floyd and Meshuggah.
The Flower Kings &
"Banks Of Eden" new studio CD from prog rock pioneers.
Kaipa a Swedish prog
folk- rock- band has recorded a new album "Vittjar".
Cirrus Bay is a melodic
progressive rock that is both complex and beautiful.
Pinnacle plays a kind of
a Progressive Rock very accessible for all prog fans.
Times Up & their album
"Snow Queen" a new name in sympho prog rock genre.
Kormorán & the album
"Vadkert fehérben", Prog rock Folk from Hungary.
Aqatuki their music turne
around F. Zappa, Greatful Dead and John Coltrane.
Wyld Type Hybrid the
album is the fifth in the six part "Legend" series.
Panzerballett a band
who really leads a new music genre into the 21st Century.
Visioni Gotiche this a
band work is a concept album based on horror/ fantasy.
Bodragaz a modern
symphonic metal with melodic hard rock roots.
Michaels Statement
is a veteran musician in the prog world scenario.
Transbohêm a metal
prog band inspired by East- European music.
A-J Charron album a
suite in 8 movements that delves into Greek mythology.
Srod in the style of, Steve
Morse, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, D. Gilmour and so on.
Psychedelic World
Music the CD Discovery, limited collector edition.
Indrek Patte,
"Celebration" is a must for fans of quality symphonic prog.
Autumn Chorus is one
of the most interesting band and debut album of 2012.
Il Giardino Onirico
their amazing, fantastic and incredible CD "Perigeo".
Primitive Overflow
presents an exciting and amazing new prog rock CD.
Echolyn a double album
leaving you with a yearning to listen again and again.
Mangala Vallis, their
new album, one of the best Italian prog rock band.
Achillea is a new prog
rock band to create amazing music with passion.
Court a CD opens with
Cries, originally included into the first album.
Foot First Fall blending
genres such as Progrock with fusion instrumental.
Farpoint and "Water Of
Life", captures the band's high-energy live performance.
Panic Room's is a
sympho prog rock band and their new CD titled as "Skin".
X-Ray Life is a new
project with references in american alternative rock.
Shadow Circus and
"On a Dark and Stormy Night" the brand new concept CD.
Presto Ballet in the
style of the early works of Yes, Kansas and Genesis.
Goblin deluxe edition in
double coloured LP of the recent show "Live in Roma".
L'Estate di San
Martino is finally back with a marvellous third album.
Eye 2 Eye new concept
album based on Oscar Wilde's "Picture of Dorian Gray".
Alexander Kostarev
is a Russian instrumental musician and his new CD.
Mars Hollow and their
amazing first album recorded alive on the stages.
Bill Lubera a fantastic
guitarist that writes various styles of music.
Transcend and their
great album "Reign Over Me" in the best prog metal style.
Philhelmon, "Enjoy It
While It Lasts" a great musiciam who plays great music.
Fire On Dawson and
their debut album "7 Billion and a Nameless Somebod".
Il Bacio della 
Medusa and "Deus lo vult" their new great album.
Tristema in the musical
style like Pain Of Salvation, Anathema and so on.
Big Big Train released
a new incredible CD titled as "English Electric".
Black Widow is back
with their new album "Sleeping With Demons".
Focus and the CD "X", a
band fronted by a musical genius called Thijs van Leer.
Billy Sherwood a prog
Icon to Release new CD "The Art Of Survival".
3RDegree, "The Long
Division" is  more impressive feat for the band.
The Enid fantastic new
album featuring completely re-worked material.
FEM a repertoire focused
on the best of Italian prog rock of the seventies.
Lacrimosa and the CD
"Revolution" a picture story goes into another round.
Sylvium an experience
that emphasizes of the prog rock emotions.
Harvest and "Chasing
Time" is the title of amazing and great band's new album.
Tiles the album "live in
the studio" tracks from each of their five recordings.
The Inner Road are a
symphonic instrumental prog rock band from UK.
East comes from Hungary,
an amazing  progressive rock band and a live album.
Mostly Autumn are
very proud to announce "The Ghost Moon Orchestra".
Marillion and their new
great album titled as "Sounds That Can't Be Made".
Unitopia has taken their
music to another level with their new CD.
Jadis is back with an
amazing new album titled as "See right through you".
Tangerine Dream
explores the electronic side of classic and modern rock.
The Skys
new album features a fantastic cast of musicians.
is a real classic symphonic british prog rock band.
Sailor Free
and "Spiritual Revolution", a prog hard metal rock.
Cailyn Lloyd
released her third studio recording.
Nine Stones Close,
"One Eye on the Sunrise" for all rock and prog fans.
Marathon and "The
First Run" reissue of the 1994 debut CD of this neo prog band.
Hidria Spacefolk
organic psyche rock space rock trance Finland band.
Different Strings is a
Maltese symphonic progressive rock band.
Silhouette and "Across
The Rubicon" a 78 minute long fantastic concept album.
Longshot project is the
brainchild of the French keyboardist Michael Reese.
Poços e Nuvens is a
brazilian band with concept album, recorded in 1998.
Godsticks is an amazing,
great, fantastic and unique rock band from Wales, UK.
Christiaan Bruin is a
dutch musician and songwriter released his new album.
Joseph Michael is a
Vocalist, Songwriter  and Multi- Instrumentalist.
Steven Wilson, "The
Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)".
Indigo, "Short Stories"
originally relased in 1991 on CD, by Gerald Krampl.
Roz Vitalis and the
album "Patience of Hope" a mistic and amazing prog music.
Desolate Dreams prog
metal from Scotland with hints of fusion and rock.
Light is a prog rock band
and released their new album "The Masque".
Maschera di Cera
their new fantastic album titled as "Le porte del domani".
Murky Red was signed
with the record label "Melodic Revolution Records".
Ifsounds, "Red Apple"
is inspired to the novel "Mela Rossa" written by D. Lastella.
The Aurora Project
third album of the 6-piece Dutch prog rock/metal band.
Antonius Rex an
esoteric research, made by Antonio Bartoccetti.
The Rome Pro(g)ject
is a great prog rock project meeting famous musicians.
Flower Flesh a great
project with an original and unmistakable style.
Verbal Delirium and
their new CD "From The Small Hours Of Weakness".
Psycho Praxis is a new
italian prog rock band with strong 70's influences.
Osanna and Rosso Rock
'Live in Japan' a special album from this italian band.
Aeon Zen's music is a
fusion of many musical styles and catchy melodies.
The Room, a melodic
prog rock band hailing from the Southeast of England.
Zanerbob is the perfect
soundtrack for puttering around the solar system.
Marco Sfogli the 
world's hottest guitarist of the next generation.
Freddy Delirio and
"Journey", showing images, colours and emotions.
Tystnaden, masterpiece
of modern and sophisticated prog gothic metal.
Speaking to Stones
and their CD "Elements" a progressive rock metal band.
Corvus Stone, avant
garde prog with cinematic elements for a new age.
Witches Brew and
"Supersonic Speedfreaks" in the line of Hard Blues 70s.
Il Ballo delle
Castagne is an Italian band that was formed in 2007.
Cristiano Roversi a
keyboardist, musician, composer and his new CD.
Shadow Circus and
"On a Dark and Stormy Night" amazing prog rock band.
Soulengine 70's prog
rock blended with jazz, classical music, fusion, psychedelia.
Blind Archer a prog
rock band and their debut album titled as "For Aoede".
Toyz and their new album
"The Infinite Road" in the line of Dream Theater.
Trewa and their new 
amazing album "Many Meetings On A Blithe Journey".
Maze of Time and
"Masquerade Show" is their great third album.
Crowned In Earth is
the main vision of multi instrumentalist Kevin Lawry.
Searching for Reason
mixes elements of metal, rock, Latin music with prog rock.
Elysium Theory's
second cd entitled "Event Horizon", now available.
Shadowlight and their
CD "Twilight Canvas" featuring driving guitar riffs.
Serenity is extremely proud to share their upcoming album "War Of Ages". SBS is the greatest
Lithuanian melodic progressive rock metal band.
The Black finally out
now the reprint of th album "Refugium Peccatorum".
Mogadorand their new
album titled as "Absinthe Tales Of Romantic Visions".
Maelstrom and their
CD "Change of Season" from the Italian one-man-band.
Mahogany Frog have
created a great and cinematic art-prog rock music.
Glass Hammer and
"Perilous" a new master from this symphonic prog band.
These Curious
Thoughts released their great fourth studio album.
Ontofield sounds like a
more reasonable and sensible meaning for you.
Delain and "Interlude" a
Dutch symphonic metal band formed in 2002.
Thieves Kitchen using
elements of Canterbury, Folk, Symphonic and Rock.
Dante a healthy dose of
heavyness, great musical claim and deep emotion.
Orchestre Celesti a
instrumental prog project by keyboardist F. Fantacone.
Riverside and their
great CD titled as "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves"
T are the German multi
instrumentalist, singer, producer and control freak t is back.
Pymlicois a fantastic and
amazing instrumental prog and symphonic rock.
Osada Vida, one of the
most interesting Polish bands on the prog-metal scene.
Unified Past is the best
kept progressive rock secret based in The United States.
Spock's Beard and 
their CD titled as "Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep".
Elora and their album
"Crash", a new great prog rock band who come from france.
Valence heroically
completed their ambitious opus: "Sleepwalker", debut album.
Blacklands and "A new 
Dawn", founded by the drummer Thomas Kelleners.
Il Cerchio D'oro second
album for the Italian Prog Band from Savona.
Liquid Rain presents a
combination of powerful rhythms, spherical sounds.
Marchesi Scamorza
and "La Sposa Del Tempo" in the same line of P. F. M.
Amplifier and Kscope
Records are pleased to announce "Echo Street".
Oblivion Sun offering
is loaded with complex and daring musical twists.
The Minstrels Ghost
a neo-prog album full of amazing keyboard leads.
Yleclipse a new studio
album titled "Songs from the crackling Atanor".
I And Thou and "Speak"
a stunning debut release reuning many famous musicians.
AnVision the style and
sound to the progressive rock and progmetal genres.
IOEarth "Live in the
USA" IOEarth are very much the "band of the moment".
Silver Key comes from
a tale by the American writer Howard P. Lovecraft.
Borderline Syndrome
and "Stateless" a rock band from Athens Greece.
Elara is a Italy post-rock
band with heavy ambient and classical influences.
Demetra Sine Die
the sound is dark and visionary, cosmic and doom.
Believe one of the
amazing and original bands on the Polish art prog-rock scene.
Syzygy and "A Glorious
Disturbance" amazing and one of the best albums.
Herd of Instinct
drawing from a vast array of influences and styles.
Ingranaggi Della Valle a italian band influenced by 70s classic Jazz Prog. Spiritual Beggars
plays Sweden's classic prog rock heavyweights music.
Le Porte Non Aperte
a hard rock and progressive rock with vintage synths.
Tucana will take you on
a journey in a Rock opera mixing progressive rock.
Aldo Pinelli 4th album
former leader of the argentianian prog rock band Habitat.
Final Conflict and their
new great album titled as "Return of the Artisan".
Believe one of the
amazing and original bands on the Polish art prog-rock scene.
Majestic over two years
in the making, now has unleashed their greatest masterpiece.
Zenit are one of the most
respected prog rock bands ever to emerge from Switzerland.
Morild and "Aves" a
symphonic prog rock band from Trondheim, Norway.
Syzygy and "A Glorious
Disturbance" amazing and one of the best albums.
Magic Pie are finally back
with their excellent and great new album "King For a Day".
Eternal Essence if You
Like Dream Theater, Within Temptation, Evanescence.
Burning Circle and "Aral
Sea", a progressive metal band, founded in 06.
Light Damage was
formed in Sep 2005 and their album "Light Damage".
Vermillion Skye,
"Security Theater" the fifth album from Canada's Prog Rock Band.
Sub Rosa and "The
Gigsaw", including three bonus tracks and renewed artwork.
Maze of Sound and the
album "Sunray", a band created in February 2012.
Cherry Five and the
album "Il Pozzo dei Giganti", they are back to the scene.
Black Widow is proud to
present  again Spettri, the original band from Italy.
Delirium and "L'Era della
Menzogna" they came from Genova, and their new CD.
Greg Lake's live CD from
the Hammersmith Odeon in London, Nov 5, 1981.
Eduardo Aguillar is a
brazilian musician and his CD "Plano Sequência".
David Gilmour their
fantastic, and amazing new album "Rattle That Lock".
FM and their new album
"Transformation" a Prog rock band from Toronto, Canada.
Minimum Vital and
"Pavanes" is an original prog rock band from the Eighties.
Ulysses and "#eMotion" a
great album made something special for the fans.
Mile Marker Zero and
their new amazing prog rock album called as "Young Rust".
Wonderworld and
their new album called "Same" a new classic powertrio.
Sintonia Distorta and
"Locanda del Vento" a new italian Hard Prog Rock band.
Merry Go Round Psyc
Prog Rock with wild rhythm & blues touches.
Lis Er Stille -  "Empirical
Ghost" formed as an art project derived from paintings.
Argos and "A Seasonal
Affair" now two years after their most recent album.
Solstice Coil is one of the
most prog rock and metal scene veteran bands.
Minutian are a
progressively inclined rock metal group based in Helsinki.
Landmarq and their CD
"RoadSkill" Live in the Netherlands Edition CD/DVD.
The Raptor Trail and
their first album, in the line of a Neo-Prog and meldodic.
The Morganatics and
their second amazing album "We Come From The Stars".
Luminous Newts is an
eclectic classic and a progressive rock group.
Conqueror and their
fantastic album Un'altra Verità the new concert-movie.
Sunrise Auranaut is a
great and amazing Russian studio project.
t is a great and an enigmatic
German art post progressive pop rock avant garden.
La Tulipe Noire amazing
Greece Prog Rock group was formed in Athens in 1997.
Bruno Mansini and
"Secret Signs Of Green", second album released in 2015.
Opera Rock and the
album "Starborn", Mixing Heavy and Power Metal sounds.
Riverside and their new
amazing album "Love, Fear and the Time Machine".
The Gentle Storm,
"The Diary", Arjen A. Lucassen and singer Anneke van G.
Gentle Knife and their
amazing and incredible album titled as "Gentle Knife".
Telergy and "Hypatia" an
impressive and amazing Instrumental progressive rock.
Unified Past and their
new amazing and great album "Shifting the Equilibrium".
Mabel Greer's
Toyshop and "New Way Of Life", first name from Yes.
Profusion and the album
"Phersu", After a long wait, Profusion are finally back.
Franck Carducci and
his amazing and great second album called "Torn Apart".
Arabs In Aspic and their
new album titled as "Victim Of Your Fathers Agony".
Apogee and the album
"The Art of Mind", this is the solo project of Arne Schäfer.
Eric Baule & "Revelations
Adrift" a Progressive Rock band from Barcelona.
Nemoand "Coma", a
emblematic french Band of the Prog Rock movement.
Ellesmere and their
fantastic and amazing album "Les Châteaux de la Loire".
Salander are re-releasing
"The Fragility Of Innocence" on November 20th, 15.
Carlo Peluso and his CD
"Earth Shape", an Italian musician and composer.
Banaau was formed in
1990 by guitar player Andrea Massimo and key player Lino Cicala.
Pandora Snail is a great
band, founded by professional musicians in 2008.
Il Bacio Della Medusa
and their great third CD titled as "Deus lo Vult".
Gazpacho is set to release
its new album "Molok" October 2015 through Kscope.
Earthside is a New
England-  based creative collective that plays an modern prog music.
Quantum Fantay is back
with a great and fantastic album titled as "Dancing In Limbo".
The Room and their new
incredible album "Beyond the gates of Bedlam".
Biglietto Per L'inferno
returns to the scene of Prog rock with a new album.
La Curva Di Lesmo is
a project created by Stefano Agnini and Fabio Zuffanti.
Sérgio Ferraz and his
new amazing album called "Floating Over The Waves".
Magma and this impressive
release "Köhnzert Zünd Box Set - 12-CD Live Set".
Time Horizon and the
long awaited debut release titled as "Living Water".
ALMS ands his great and
amazing second album titled as "An Irosmic Tragedy".
Uriah Heep is pleased to
announce the forthcoming album "Totally Driven".
Arlon comes from Poland
and here is their new amazing second album "Mimetic Desires".
The Pyramidis Project
and the new album "Emotional Distances".
VIII Strada and now they
return with a fantastic  and amazing new CD "Babylon".
Arcade Messiah and
their new amazing album titled as "Arcade Messiah II"
Eduardo Aguillar and
his second fantastic album "A Grande Galeria".
Landskap "II" is a project
mainly influenced by late 60's and early 70's.
Ashby and de album
"Fragmenta", a progressive rock quintet from Germany.
Beyond the Event
Horizon a prog band formed in 2010 in Poland.
John Wetton two CD set
collects together both of Wetton's acoustic solo concerts.
Spiritual Beggars a
Swedish vintage style hard rock pioneers is back again.
Billy Sherwood, the CD
"Divided By One", bass player in the YES band.
Le Folli Arie become a
reality in 2012. The band is made of four great musicians.
Billy Sherwood and his
new great album "Citizen" as a musical family.
Silver Hunter and their
new album "Chapter 1: Mad Moonlighters".
Yuka & Chronoship is a
fantastic Japanese prog rock band formed in 2009.
Martigan and their new
album "Distant Monsters", the band was founded 1994.
Explosions In The Sky
and their new amazing album "The Wilderness".
Anuryzm  the amazing,
fantastic and incredible album titled as "All Is Not For All".
Amon Ra is back with their
sencond amazing album "We Never Said Good-Bye".
Elleven are two former
members of Chandelier and the album "Transfiction".
Toxic Smile and their
great new album "Farewell", in the line of nice hard prog rock.
Darryl Way is the
co-founder of Curved Air, a trail blazing rock violinist and composer.
The Group 309 comes
from Russia, considered as a Sympho Prog Rock Band.
Lucifer's Friend reformed
in 2015, some 20 years after their last show.
Il Balletto Di Bronzo
and teir new incredible album titled as "Cuma 2016 A.D".
Apple Smell Colour is
a Prog Rock band founded in Tarragona in 2012.
Frequency Drift and
their album called "Last", an amazing band and music.
Trettioåriga Kriget
(Thirty Years War) a progressive rock band formed in 1970.
Different Light and their
new great album titled as  "The Burden of Paradise".
Alarion and their fantastic
and great debut album called as Waves of Destruction.
Quorunand the album
"Another World", all compositions were written in the 2000s.
Le Orme have completely
re-recorded their great and  the classic Felona e Sorona.
Anubis Spire and their
new masterpiece album "Between The Two Eternities".
Invernalia is a project
from Argentina from the creative mind of Aldo Pinelli.
Starlight Brigade  thye
play a kind of prog rock with echoes from the 70s.
Gizmo and their great
album "Marlowe's Children - part 1 The Innocence".
7 Ocean released their
new and a fantastic and a conceptual album titled as "Son of Sun".
Guimass and his solo
album "Stranger" a Prog rock that sounds like the master of 1970's.
Goblin Rebirth  and the
CD "Goblin Rebirth", a new incarnation of this great band.
Sisare is a Finnish prog
rock quartet from Turku and their album titled as "Nature's Despair".
Signal To Noise Ratio
and their new fantastic album titled as "Work in Progress".
Eternal Wanderers
and their new CD "The Mystery Of The Cosmic Sorrow".
Sailor Free and the
"Spiritual Revolution part 2", a new album from this fantastic band
Iamthemorning has
released their new fantastic and amazing album titles as "Lighthouse".
Il Paradiso degli
Orchi (The Orcs' Paradise) are a young band from Brescia.
Hostsonaten and their
new great album titled as "Symphony N.1 - Cupid & Psyche".
Redbazar is proud to
announce their new CD titled as "Tales From The Bookcase".
Children in Paradise
is a french prog rock musical project born in the summer of 2007.
Solarisand the "Martian
Chronecles Live", an amazing and impressive alive album.
East and their new great
alive CD "Symphonic", one of the best band from Hungary.
Silver Hunter and Tim
Hunter have Created a unique blend of English/French storytelling.
Steve Hughes releases
his new album titled as "Once We Were - Part One".
Kiama and their debut
album "The Sign of IV" featuring Robert Reed and others musicians.
Cosmograf is a prog rock
project lead by Robin Armstrong, in the line of Yes and Genesis.
Syndone and a new album
titled as "Eros & Thanatos", a great italian prog rock band.
Daymoon comes from
Sintra, Portugal, and their new CD called "Cruz Quebrada".
Nathan and their debut
album titled as "Nebulosa", nice symphonic prog rock band.
The Cassini Projekt
and their new fantastic and amazing double CD called  "Sellout".
Karibow is a German
Crossover Prog rock band founded by Oliver Rüsing, in late 1996.
Face The Day is a Prague
based, is a melodic prog-rock project from Czech Republic.
Two Places at Once
and the debut album "Birdtraps", a prog band from  Rio de Janeiro.
Nemrud and "Nemrud",
the third album from one of Turkey's unique prog rock bands.
Projection is a new
melodic and amazing progressive rock oriented band from Dutch.
Aisles announce new studio
CD called "Hawaii" and a release online documentary.
Noisea prog rock band
formed in 2001 by brothers Einar Vilberg & Stefan Vilberg.
Professor Tip Top come
from Bergen, Norway, is a group playing fine progressive music.
Asia released the biggest
selling album in the world in 1982 and is known for its worldwide.
Sidhe is an Italian Pagan
female voice rock band/doom metal very influenced, born in 2005.
Preacher is a six piece
Symph prog rock band from Glasgow/ Ayr in the United Kingdom.
Yurt a criteria of conducting
experiments in the broader field of progressive noise.
Billy Sherwood & Tony
Kaye and the great double album "Live In Japan".
Big Bernie come France,
full of strong elements of Prog Rock, Space and Art Rock.
Far From Your Sun and
their great CD "In the beginning... was the emotion".
Crystal Palace is Prog
Rock Metal band stablished in 1991 in Berlin, Germany.
La Rua Catalana begins
with "Island Tales" their first official album.
Abstraction Layer is a
Symphonic Progressive band from São Paulo, Brazil.
Summer Effect is a
post-rock band from Indonesia which was formed in early 2012.
Garybaldi and "Storia Di
Un'altra Città", from the historic "Live in Bloom" 2010 Event.
Luigi Milanese is an 
amazing guitarist, composer and performer from Genoa, Italy.
Barock Project was
founded in 2003 by the composer, keyboardist Luca Zabbini.
Profuna Ocean is an
alternative progressive rock band from the Netherlands.
La Bottega Del Tempo
A Vapore are a new italian prog band formed by 7 musicians.
Paolo Siani & Friends
Feat. Nuova Idea and the album "Faces with no traces".
Glacier came into being in
late 1978, released their second CD "Ashes For The Monarch".
Laviantica a prog rock
band founded in the late's in Rome under the name of Alterego.
Dante is an amazing and
great German Prog Metal band from Augsburg and Munich.
Mice On Stilts and "Hope
For A Mourning", in the line of Pink Floyd and King Crimson.
Summer Breeze
Project (a.k.a. SBP) is an great Dutch Prog Rock project.
Outre Mesure is a great
Jazz-Avant-Garde and RIO quintet from the city of Lille, France.
Susan Aquila is an
amazing and great singer and electric-violin player from New York, NY.
Gustavo Santhiago
started writing this amazing album back in the end of 2011.
Zombie Picnic are a
prog/post rock band from Limerick and tormed in 2012.
Bari Watts is a guitarist
and singer from the U.K., released his new album in 2016.
Chronus is a veteran Prog
Rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Chronus was formed in 1995.
Port Mahadia is a
Progressive Rock and Prog-Metal act from the U.S.A. and their album.
Gadi Caplan is an
Israeli-born guitarist who now lives in the New York-Brooklyn area.
Rendezvous Point is a
Prog Rock/Metal quintet from Kristiansand, Norway.
John Wetton  one of the
most successful musicians of the Prog Rock scenes.
TCP ("Temporal Chaos
Project") is back with a new CD titled such as "Temporal Chaos".
Hangover Paradise
inspired by the music such as Genesis, Rush and P. Floyd
Blackfield V sees the duo
of S. Wilson and Aviv Geffen return to full collaborative mode.
Agusa and the new album
"Katarsis", a amazing and great Swedish prog rock band.
Ticket to the Moon, a
incredible  progressive rock band from Basel, Switzerland
The Skys and "Journey
Through the Skies" New CD of leading Lithuanian prog rockers.
Cyril and their third great,
amazing and fantastic album titled such as "Paralyzed".
Cirrus Bay and their
incredible, amazing and fantastic new album "Places Unseen".
Seven Side Diamond
had its inception in 1990, aiming to provide new experience.
Drifting Sun are a
UK-based Progressive Rock studio project and the album "Safe Asylum".
Pablo El Enterrador
isback with a new amazing album called as "Threephonic".
Darrel Treece-Birch
and his album "No More Time", he is a fantastic keyboarder.
Edison's Children and
a new album called "Somewhere Between Here and There".
Bad Dreams and the
album "Apocalypse of the Mercy" a classic and prog rock band.
Bruno Mansini and his
new album "The Golden Soul", symphonic and melodic.
Labirinto are an
experimental sounds, full of textures and dynamics in the CD "Gehenna".
Brian Johnstone and
his nem release "Consent Under Coercion", in the line of EL&P.
Robert Reed and his
second album titled as "Sanctuary II", an amazing production.
Kaipa Da Capo Feat
. Guitar Roine Stolt to release first new studio CD in 35 years.
IZZ set to release their new
album, titled as "Ampersand, Volume 2", on October 11th, 2016.
Nosound's fifth CD and
including a guest appearance from Anathema's V. Cavanagh.
Elephants of Scotland
prog rock band formed in 2010 in Burlington, Vermont by Adam Rabin.
Glass Hammer and
"Valkyrie" tells the story of a soldier trapped in an endless war.
Griot is a multinational rock
band formed by musicians João Pascoal and Sérgio Ferreira.
Ciccada, "Tales", was
pressed on 180gr vinyl, limited to 300 copies in a heavy cover.
Corde Oblique a Prog-
Ethereal- Folk band and the album"I Maestri Del Colore".
Shamblemaths and their
new album including 54 minutes of music and only three tracks.
Ad Maiora starts as a
great progressive rock's project in Milan (Italy), january 2009.
Blind Ego the Kalle
Wallner's solo project returns with a new album entitled "Liquid".
Kansas after 16 years, they
are back with a new fantastic album titled as "The Prelude Implicit".
Bodragaz has been
playing the big stage alongside major recording artists for over five years.
The Kindred Spirit
sound is special and distinctive melodic and symphonic prog rock style.
Pervy Perkin started out
as a project and their new amazing release titled as "Totem".
Jadis are an amazing and
great melodic progressive rock band hailing from the south of England.
Metamorfosi, after more
than ten years their completed the Dante's trilogy with "Purgatorio".
Riverside continue to be
productive and have just announced their new 2016 release.
Verbal Delirium and
their new album "The Imprisoned Words of Fear", a great music.
Il Bacio Della Medusa
the most important bands of the Italian progressive rock scene.
Il Rovescio Della
Medaglia returned with a amazing album called as "Tribal domestic".
Karmamoi a Italiand prog
band, and their new album titled as "Silence Between Sounds".
Van Der Graaf
Generator and their 13th studio album titled such as "Do Not Disturb".
Doracor and their last
album 2016, "Passioni Postmoderne di un Musicista Errante...".
The Ben Cameron
Project and their new fantastic album called "A Cycle Never Ending".
The Gathering and
"Blueprints" a collection of 24 songs of outtakes, demos & unreleased.
Goblin - "Live 1978" was
Recorded on May 25th 1978, in one of their most classic line-ups.
Bad Dreams is the first
great and amazing Latin American classic and prog-rock band.
Evership are proud to
present their Symphonic Prog Rock album  titled as "Evership".
Pareidolon and "Aporía",
7-piece Canadian prog band formed in Nelson, British Columbia.
Aperco is an Israeli
progressive rock band influenced by the classic rock bands of the 70's.
Colin Tench Project
and their great and amazing debut CD titled as "Hair in a G-String".
Slychosis Progressive rock,
psychedelic, and fusion releases their new album "Slychosis V".
Seti delivers powerful prog
rock going close to atmospheric electronic music of the 70's.
Until Rain is a prog metal
band which was formed back in 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Karfagen band was first
heard in 1997 when Antony Kalugin formed the band at school.
Esquire is the band formed
by Nikki Squire, the first wife of Chris Squire from the YES band.
PH2 and their new album
"20 years after..." a duo, playing a great and amazing prog rock.
Liquid Wolf came from
Vantaa, Finland, they released a new album called "Second Wind, part 1".
Heather Findlay
(ex-singer of Mostly Autumn) and her new CD called as "I Am Snow".
Temple of Switches
and their incredible debut album titled as "Temple of Switches".
Mechanical Butterfly
is a multi-influenced project founded in 2006 by the two guitarists.
La Bocca Della Verità
with the purpose of reviving the prog rock music of the 70s.
3rd Ear Experience released their new fantastic and amazing album "Stones Of A Feather". Pandora is back with an
amazing new album titled as "Ten Years Like in a Magic Dream..".
Alex Saba and the album
"Atmo & Spheres", He has tryed to compose music for meditation.
Nth Ascension a prog
rock band, born in January 2010 under the original name of Nth Degree.
Leon Alvarado, the idea
of creating a concept album out of instrumental prog rock.
Jonas Lindberg & The
Other Side and "Pathfinder" a Progressive rock project from Stockholm.
Fatal Fusion is a
Norwegian prog band who is influenced by 60's & 70's prog bands.
Kaprekar's Constant
release their great debut album titled as "Fate Outsmarts Desire".
Lost World is found and
approved. Here is the sixth official album of this Russian band.
Elbrus is an Australian
four-piece, have just dropped their amazing self titled debut album.
Salva, finally we have the
fourth album from this sympho progressive rock band from Swedish.
Hollow Water consisted 
duo of just Alan Cookson on keyboards and Huw Roberts on guitars.
Gösta Berlings Saga
is full of an incredibly dynamic Nordic instrumental adventure.
John Wetton and the
archive collects "The Official Bootleg Archive Vol. 1: 6CD Deluxe Edition".
Kyrus a whole new level of
music creating fresh and new exciting sympho progressive rock music.
Metamorphosis prog rock
project was born in 2001, as the brainchild of Jean-Pierre Schenk.
Lelio Padovani is a
composer, guitar playerand teacher reliasing his amazing album "Waves".
Knight Area is back with
a new great, amazing album titled as "Heaven and Beyond".
Steve Hughes Ex 
drummer for BBT, Kino and The Enid return with "Once We Were - Part 2".
Nuova Era and "Return to
the Castle's" album a great band in the Italian prog-rock scene today.
CAP - Consorzio Acqua
Potabile + Alvaro "Jumbo" Fella with new CD "Coraggio e Mistero".
Osanna and their new and
highly anticipated new great album called "Pape Satan Aleppe".
Eris Pluvia is back with a
new great, amazing and fantastic album called "Different Earths".
Mike Oldfield & "Return
To Ommadawn" marks a delightful return to this great musician.
Half Past Four is one of
the best progressive rock bands to have emerged from Canada.
Curved Air are a
pioneering British prog rock folk group formed in the years 70'.
Presence is composed by
singer and pianist Sophya Baccini together with Enrico Iglio.
Anxtron is a instrumental
Prog Rock band from Brazil, you must listen their new album "Jellyfish".
Bader Nana is Kuwait/
Lebanese musician who had started playing music very young.
t and the CD"Epistrophobia",
always been making music. He has always been writing music, as well.
Shaman Elephant & the
CD "Crystals", the thriving Rock and Prog scene around Bergen, Norway.
David Wallimann, a 
guitar teacher, product demonstrator and making Youtube videos.
Universal Totem
Orchestra (U.T.O.) was formed in 1998 by two amazing musicians.
Oxímora was born at the
end of 2011 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, by Leo Piña and Hebert Bravo.
Retrospective represents
a young and a new generation of the Polish progressive rock bands.
Xavier Boscher is a
great  french pop- rock-prog -metal artist who has released many albums.
Collapse is a band from
Grenoble, France who are playing instrumental prog music.
This Winter Machine
a neo-prog band and their album titled as "The Man Who NeverWas".
The Gift are a Symphonic
Prog band from London and their new CD called "Why The Sea Is Salt".
Disequazione was 
founded in 1980, inspired by the sounds of the legendary British bands.
Necro is a great an
amazing power trio in activity since 2009, formed in Maceió - Brazil.
Brieg Guerveno is the
project of one man, that of Brieg is a Breton author - composer.
Eyesberg is a british-
german project consisting of four musicians and the album "Masquerade".
The Aurora Project the
new CD "World Of Grey". This 2016 is the 10th anniversary of the band.
Ingranaggi Della Valle
, this is the second album by this great Italian prog rock band.
Aqua Talk is a Prog rock
band based in Istanbul and the CD "Whatever Tickles Your Mind".
The Inner Road is a
vehicle Steve Gresswell uses for the instrumental prog rock music.
ZAYK and the album "Durch
den Äther", their music turn around German Seventies KrautRock Style.
Coalition and their new
amazing album called "Bridge Across time", it was created as a concept album.
OVRFWRD is a four piece
all instrumental rock band formed in late 2012 in Minneapolis.
Plurima Mundi is an
amazing, great and fantastic new italian prog rock band born in 2004.
The Light Afternoon's
music has also been described as pastoral and symphonic.
Flying Circus, a prog
rock band, was founded in the winter 1989/1990 in Grevenbroich.
Witchwoodborn from the
ashes of the cult and great band Buttered Bacon Biscuits in 2014.
Maxophone is a very
important name within the vast world of Italian progressive rock.
Citizen Cain is back with
their new and great album called "The Antechamber Of Being Part 2".
Seti and the new studio CD
delivers powerful prog rock going close to the atmospheric music.
Leap Day with members of Flamborough Head, and the CD "Live At The Northern Prog Festival". Mother Turtle is amazing
Prog Rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2011.
Carptree is an amazing
Swedish Prog rock Ensemble recording a new album titled as "Emerger".
Trewa and their album
"Beware the Selvadic". A traditional and characterised as folk progressive.
The Ancient Veil the
return of the founders of Eris Pluvia with a new CD "I'm changing".
Simone Cozzetto and
the CD "Wide Eyes", a debut work by this roman guitar/ keys player.
Patrick Moraz and Greg
Alban proudly announce the release of their new CD "MAP".
Conqueror and their new
album "Un'altra verità" a new concert-movie by this great band.
Minimum Vital is certainly
amongst the most original bands from the 80's Prog rock scene.
Acqua Libera is an italian
prog rock quartet,  a great musical project born in April 2013.
Qantum is back with their
new album, "Le Passage", the great tradition of the Golden Age of the 70's.
Eloy and the album "The
Vision, The Sword and the Pyre - Part I" very soon will be edited.
EloyFritsch and his new
fantastic and amazing new album titled as "Sailing to the Edge".
Kepler Ten is an original
prog rock laced with Rush, Yes, Queensryche and Dream Theater.
Anubis and the album
"Fool's Gold" a cinematic Prog Rock band from Sydney, Australia.
Kalin Tonev previously
known as the core of the great progressive rock project Travel House.
Bartosz Ogrodowicz is
a Polish composer and a great instrumentalist performing.
Cellar Noise and "Alight"
a very, great and amazing young progressive rock group from Milan.
Neuschwanstein is a
German prog from the late seventies, and their new album called "Fine Art".
Tempano made the
decision to reunite and recorded a new album "Nowhere nowHere".
Modern Rock
Ensemble an incredible, album"Touch the Mystery".
Pietro Cottone and
"Inferno" is a gapless, concept album, which fuses rock music and poetry.
White Willow is
considered Norway's foremost exponent of art-rock and prog.
The Ryszard Kramarski
Project and the album called "Music inspired by The Little Prince".
Deep Purple is back with
an amazing, fantastic and great album titled as "Infinite".
Magenta's 2017 CD "We
Are Legend" represents a bold new step for the Prog stalwarts.
Pendragon and the story
begins in the quiet, sleepy town of Stroud, Gloucestershire.
Bjørn Riis is an Airbag
co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist released a album.
Astrolabio is a project born
in Verona and their new CD "I Paralumi della Ragione".
Audio'm have been
enriched by the association of the seven other amazing and great musicians.
Cast born on April 15, 1978,
Mexico, by a great musician and his founder Alfonso Vidales.
Anubis Spire and their
new amazing and great album titled as "Spooky Action At A Distance".
Kaprekar's Constant is
a creative prog rock band and their new album "Fate Outsmarts Desire".
Barock Project releaased
their amazing and great sixth album, a CD entitled as "Detachment".
Ekos is a new coming group
from Mexico and their new great album titled as "Otra Dimensión".
Karda Estra is a very
competent group of British musicians, and the CD "Infernal Spheres".
Last Knight is a musical
project with musicians from some coutries around the world.
JPL (Jean Pierre Louveton)
released his new amazing and great album titled as "Le Livre Blanc".
Mostly Autumn a great
and amazing sympho prog rock band formed in the mid 1990s.
Greyfeather is a reunion
of great musicians from some bands and the CD "Greyfeather".
Isildurs Bane & Steve
Hogarth and their CD called as "Colours Not Found in Nature".
Riverside is a way of
expressing reflections, dreams and fantasies through music.
Procol Harum is back in
a new great conception album,  titled as "Novum".
The Mindstream is an
exciting band whose blend a kind of prog music easily accessible.
Eye 2 Eye and "The Light
Bearer", finally comes out of a silence that lasted five years.
Mooonlight Sky & "The
Four", an amazing, incredible and fatastic album.
Il Tempio Delle
Clessidre third studio CD for the band from Genova, "Il-ludere".
Ultranova and "Orion", a
modern dress to progressive rock consolidated in the 70s.
Taproban the group was
founded in Rome in 1996 by keyboards player Gianluca De Rossi.
Phoenix Again is a band
that dates back to 1981, year in which this band from Brescia, Italy.
Oceanic Drawing influence
from Progressive Rock, Math Rock, and Experimental Metal.
Grombiracame from
Germany an oriental mixture of world jazz and psyche space rock.
Terminal Degree a
unique fusion of progressive rock, metal, classical and jazz elements.
Mechanical Butterfly
is a multi- influenced project founded in 2006 by the two guitarists.
Force of Progress an
experienced musicians, who already have some publications.
Kotebel was created by
Carlos Plaza as a personal project, here is their 2017 album.
Elegant Simplicity, a
progressive rock band, originally hailing from Leeds, UK.
Cosmograf is a prog rock
project lead by Robin Armstrong, a great musician from England.
Glacier are a melodic
progressive rock band based in the North East of England.
Comedy Of Errors much
anticipated their amazing fourth album called "House Of The Mind".
Damanek, "On Track",
following an impressive debut show at last year's Summer's End festival.
Heylel are a prog rock band
from Porto, Portugal and their new album "Shades of Time".
Primavera Negra is a
chilean band from Santiago as an independent musical project.
The Samurai Of Prog
was formed sometime around 2009 as a project lead by Marco Bernard.
L'Ira Del Baccano is a
new amazing and fantastic Prog rock band and their second full album.
Time Collapse and the
album "Night to Day", this cd is the result of 3 years of work.
Galahad is back wit a new
marsterpiece titled as "Quiet Storms", a new amazing and great album.
Long Earth another
revelation from this century, released a great album called "The Source"
Cinema is the current
Electronic Music project of Jürgen "Pöngse" Krutzsch from Tibet band.
Accordo dei Contrari
released a new great album a group, formed in 2001 in Bologna, Italy.
Gentle Knife is a great 
Norwegian progressive rock ensemble featuring eleven members.
Saris was founded back in
1981, they are back with their new album called "Ghosts Of Yesterday".
Habelard2 and their new
CD "Maybe", he is a great  musician and composer since 1977.
The Morrighans music is
well inspired by many musical styles, prog rock, post-rock, folk.
Kaoll is a Jazz Rock
instrumental band from São Paulo, Brazil, and their new CD from 2017.
Darryl Way was released a
new Concept Album Rock Opera called "Underworld" on June 21st.
PBII released a new amazing
prog rock album titled as "Rocket, The Dream Of Wubbo Ockels".
Silhouette and their new
album  "The World is Flat And Other Alternative Facts".
Nexus is a prog sympho
rock band from Argentina, formed in the mid 70's in Buenos Aires.
The Watch is a 5 piece
band from Milan. Their music is inspired by classic 70's style prog-rock.
Ephemeral Sun's new
album "Lord Of Hounds" is a caricature of this stress in five dimensions.
Corciolli was born in Sao
Paulo, Brazil and began his musical studies at the age of 13.
The Twin Mills and the
CD "Enceladus", if you are patient enough, in 40 minutes you'll be.
Discipline is great and
famous prog rock and their new CD "Captives of the Wine Dark Sea".
The Tangent is back wioth
a new great  album "The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery".
Alquin a prog rock band
formed in the years 70 is back with a new  album "One More Night".
Magia Nera and the CD
"L'ultima danza di Ophelia" the band was founded in the late 60's.
Masheen Messiah
comes from Japan and returned with a new CD "For the Light Unseen".
Bad Dreams is proud to
release their third amazing and incredible album titled as "Chrysalis".
Sideways is the symphonic
prog rock band from Holland proudly presents her new CD "Fate".
Monnalisa comes to the
record debut, with an incredible album called "In Principio".
Soul Enema released
their incredible second CD titled as "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns".
Drifting Sun comes to
Chesham, UK. They are a UK-based Prog Rock studio project.
Unreal City is a young
italian prog rock band, returns with a new work, "Frammenti notturni".
Kaipa, a Swedish prog
rockers announced their new studio album "Children of the Sounds".
Violent Attitude If
Noticed relese their new album titled as "Ourselves and Otherwise".
Temple of Switches
is a prog rock band from the Central Coast of California, North America.
Lazarus Taxon is a
Brazilian band formed in 2013 and their album "The Dragonfly Effect".
King Crimson featuring
many iconic pieces, alive by this line-up for the first time.
Nektar and the double CD
"Live In Bremen" recorded in 2015 at the Meisenfrei.
Circu5 and the amazing
debut CD from British multi- instrumentalist called Steve Tilling.
Premiata Forneria
Marconi is back with a new album titled as "Emotional Tattoos".
Bike is a brazilian prog rock
band releasing their ndebut cd "Em Busca Da Viagem Eterna".
Wobbler is a Sympho Prog
band, released in 2017 their ne CD "From Silence to Somewhere".
Machines Dream and
"Black Science" an album with a collection of nice progressive rock songs.
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