.ROUSSEAU announces the new release "At The Cinema" through the MUSEA Records

Dear Friends of  Rousseau, We have got something to celebrate:
We are back after years of silence! so we would like to offer a gift to the "True Rousseau fans".

The first hundred people who order the new album from Musea, can get a limited original
Music Cassette (MC) from our first album "Flower in asphalt" for free.
Note! Just give Musea a short notice on your order!

ROUSSEAU is a German band, and released three albums in the Eighties ("Flower In Asphalt", "Retreat" and "Square The Circle"), all of them released or re-released by Musea. After fourteen years without any album, they are back with "At The Cinema"a collection of fourteen songs and instrumentals. Rousseau has always been a nice, sincere and talented band, and has created a personal musical world, made of quiet, limpid and suggestive themes, romantic  lyricism, nostalgic poetry: itís one of CAMELís most gifted disciples ! "At The Cinema" still expresses the same softness and musical purity the band conveyed twenty years ago: itís a timeless music, offered by a timeless band. (By Musea)

after a long time Rousseau is back and now they are:

Rainer Hofman
Jörg Schwarz
Guitars and Lead Vocals
Dieter Beerman
Bass and Backing Vocals
Ali Pfeffer

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