From left to right : Thierry Moreno (Drums), Stéphane Barincourt (Ac. Guitar), Mark Brenner (Bass), Philippe Claerhout (Elec Guitar), Caroline Lafue (Vocals) Photo from Paris concert 8/11/98



The Band XII Alfonso was created in 1998 by François and Philippe Claerhout, Stephane Merlin (keyboards) and Laurent Sindicq (Bass).

Both of them left the band in 1996 and 1994. From 1988 to 1993 (date of our first autoproduced CD single), we created a lot of instrumental music, including a one hour concept tape about Marco Polo. 

For the singers Caroline Lafue from 1996 to 1998, Sandrine Rougé  in 1998 et 1999, Edith Lesburgueres in 1999, and now we have Catherine Alcover. 

The band has ever been a laboratory, with few permanent members who compose the music (François and Philippe Claerhout and Michael on "Claude Monet"), and a lot of guests. 

François Claerhout was born on 14/10/1963, and is a teacher. He never learned music, began playing guitar in 1983 and keyboards in 1987. His favourite composer is François ed Roubais, who was a french film music composer. His favourite band is Yes. Michael Geyre is 22 old. He's a professional musician, began piano at the age of 4. He used to teache music, and now works as arrangements maker. He loves Hatfield and the North and National Health. Thierry Moreno was born on 16/05/1962. He learned the drums by himself, and never learned music. His work his decorator. He loves Genesis and the Beatles. Philippe Claerhout was born on 16/06/1967, he began playing guitar in 1984, and bass in 1998. Philippe Claerhout never learned the music. His everyday job is finance controler. Hi loves Mike Oldfield, Barclay James Harvest and It Bites, (between others). Catherine Alcover, our new singer, is 50 years old, and she's a professional actress for theatre, TV and cinema. Laure Oltra, our lyricist, was born on 06/03/1966. She's a teacher. She loves litterature, Kate Bush and Tori Amos.